Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shopping ~ Bling with Black...starring YOU!

The second installment in my series of wardrobe thoughts...

"Starring YOU."

Darling daughter and I went out for dinner at Rebar before embarking on a wee bit of retail therapy.

I recommend the fish tacos as they were so fresh and delicious,
 but the portions were too big for us.
We could only eat half...
next time we will order one order and split a small salad.

Darling daughter lives downtown so we took the leftovers to her condo and her boyfriend was happy to have a ready made dinner!
Then we hit the shops...

I have been shopping with an eye to Paris and the 3 weeks in a small Carry On.
Black is the core colour and there are going to be very few items so they ALL MUST work with each other.

Hose to wear with my LBD...and I did not want to go with nude or plain black.
I think hose can be a great accessory and make a statement without screaming too loud!

Target is closing here in Canada which makes me feel sad as I quite like their selection of lingerie...
I am told that Paris has lingerie shops on almost every corner...kind of like we have Starbucks.

Anne Klein silk and rayon lightweight cardigan in cream with black OOOO"S!
Brand new without tag ~ thrifted.
Will easily slip over a jersey tank or tee and can be worn over an LBD.

Striped lightweight jersey tunic top by Bianca Nygaard.
Great with skinny jeans or capri leggings which I am packing to wear in the south of France.

Super comfy black Clarks walking shoes to navigate the Parisian cobblestones...

I was on the hunt for a smallish cosmetic bag and looked high and low.
The Sportsacs were either too big or too small.
The leather Marc Jacobs was too small lengthwise and at $40 I thought a bit pricey...
as you may recall
I am saving Euros for Paris shopping!

The criteria was that it had to be long enough not to squish my Aveda blush brush.

Lilly Pulitzer for Estee Lauder cosmetic pouch ~ Thrifted.
Bright, cheap and cheerful.
Jane Iredale mascara...a luxe mascara.
I love the full brush and the formula PLUS it has a 12 month shelf life.
 I was wasting mascara having to throw partly used tubes away every 3 months.

The brush will fit inside easily with all my other cosmetics...
of which there are only a few pieces.
Mineral make up and a brush.
Eye shadow and a brush.
Eyelash curler.
Brow brush.

I bought a pair of Compression socks to wear on the plane.
 Tish Jett wrote in a recent post that French doctors and pharmacists recommend them.
She's been blogging about packing for Paris and she knows what she is talking about as she lives in France.

Bring on the BLING...

I tried on this bracelet for fun.
It was pretty but I don't think I'd wear it very often...
it is not a reflection of my "authentic self."
I would feel a bit like I was "dressing up for a costume party."
I am not suggesting that this bracelet is in bad is just not "my style."
But every so often I do like to dress up in something sparkly...
New Years Eve or at Christmas.
There are a few pieces in my closet that are kept specifically for this reason.

Darling daughter gave me a gift.
It's the sequined top which I am wearing with my black skinny jeans.
I had to stretch my arms way out to take this picture because we have no large mirror in our Humble Bungalow that is well lit enough to take decent pictures.
(I must try and rectify that sometime)
She found it at a thrift shop and it is vintage beaded wool top.
Woodwards label is intact and the piece is in pristine condition.

Look at the exquisite floral detail.
(Faux Fuchsia would approve...she luffs her sequins!)
It is surprisingly heavy and I plan to fold it carefully in tissue and store it in a drawer.
I am already thinking about what I'll wear it with...besides jeans.
It might be fun to pair it with my black skirt or dressy black pants and wear it out to dinner.

I'm wearing a stack of bangles too...
having fun blogging in a party worthy outfit while sipping tea as the washer and dryer are going through their paces on a very busy domestic day.
I must get changed and get on with my day.
I have a bazillion things on my do list and they won't get done by themselves.

I think "Fashion should be fun."
If it isn't why bother?

 I took Mother to see The Next Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and she loved it...
an all star cast and the acting is marvelous.

If you have any thoughts on sequins or bling or basic black wardrobes please leave a comment.
I am not the only one who thinks about what the clothes we wear say to the world.
Check out blogs online and you'll find thousands of women are talking...
Many of the fashion and style blogs that I have read are young women.
So IS anyone bothering to look at us older gals now that we are "Invisible Women?"

Should we care?
I don't mind being invisible at all.
I find it a quite comfortable prospect...
how about you?


  1. You know my style - yes to black, bling saved for fancy;). And I think that "dotted" top is adorable for Paris.

    1. Your style has remained classic since I started reading your blog and it would be my observation that your recent retirement has greatly influenced a shift in what clothes you wear on a daily basis...mine too!

  2. Those shoes will soon be broken in on Parisian cobblestones -- too exciting!

  3. I always say I never met a sequin I didn't like. I don't want to tell you how many sequin tops and sweaters I now own. Let's just say I have bought a few this past year! There are plenty of ladies in NYC who are NOT invisible because they still dress with style. They clearly have not given up and I love them for it. It gives me hope for the future! XO, Jill

  4. My goodness! We haven't had Woodward's with us for a very long time! Do you remember their Shop International? Maman was going to see Second Best Marigold Hotel by herself since I'm away. We went to the first movie when it came out and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your Clark's and your tunic will be important parts of your French wardrobe. I don't think we are invisible. It is different. Since I have been away, I have met all sorts of people in cafes and restaurants. Both men and women. There are conversations about books or travel or language. I don't imagine that anyone is trying to "pick me up". Modest attire and a pleasant smile go a very long way in any culture.

    1. Woodwards was our family go to shop for clothes, housewares and food when I was growing up. We liked shooping at Eatons too...both companies long gone.
      Oh gosh getting "picked up" might be reminiscent of Shirley Valentine!

  5. Leslie, you're such an inspiration. I've been simplifying my wardrobe to more black, navy, whites and gray since moving to a small village in Prince Edward County Ontario. Shopping is mostly on-line and coloured items never turn out as the appear. I love your cat pictures especially the one yesterday of the cat in the drawer. Is that Chester?

    1. That is indeed Chester!...the "trouble maker" himself, looking quite sad that he could not play with the fern. Simplifying is a great way to think about a wardrobe as it makes getting dressed so much easier.

  6. I am so enjoying your wardrobe thoughts and advice. What would we do without black? A few good pieces go a long way. Just love your bangles. I won't go out the door without them. My dear elderly cousin wears half an armful - never takes them off. She is very stylish. Confined to bed most of the time in Sunnybrook Hospital Veteran's wing (she is a WWII vet), she still manages to look very swish at 92.

    1. Your cousin sounds like a lady with a flair for fashion...
      while black works for you and I it is not right for others.
      It is great that we have a choice what we choose to wear.

  7. Black and white are always classic and with bling added appropriately - perfect. Your shoes look comfy and will be good to your feet while walking through Paris. Oh what fun you'll have!

    1. I've seen quite a lot of black and white in the shops this Sunday's Snowflakes especially...that is where I recently purchased the tunic top.

  8. My mother's generation would have been horrified, but I am going to a Saturday morning wedding and wearing a LBD. Black at a wedding was a no-no here in the South during my growing up years! The historical church has no electricity and is very much as it was a century ago. The LBD will be accessorized with a woven pink and black shawl in case the weather is cool. Hoping for a lovely wedding day for a special couple! Your Paris choices are wonderful!

    1. Black at weddings is no longer a no no...bridesmaids and guests are often wearing black. Enjoy the wedding!

  9. I wore my LBD as mother of the bride and loved it. Mom liked it. Crazy, huh?

    Hostess, I know you will bring just the right things. Rick Steves has a great quote about Europeans somehow managing to buy things in Europe. "If you can't find one of your essentials, ask yourself how half a billion Europeans can live without it."

    1. Wearing black is no longer considered inappropriate at weddings...
      Rick Steves has a wealth of knowledge.

  10. I think you are definitely on the right track for Paris. I'll be there, myself, in April, and will probably base my wardrobe around navy blue, ivory/beige, warm brown and touches of red. I loved the comment you left on my post about invisibility. It seems we all think about it as we age. One of the best things you can do to feel "visible" is to go to Paris, where a well-dressed woman is still appreciated, no matter her age.

  11. I am rejecting black! i think most of us look SO much better in a little color. I will admit it takes a bit more planning, but have received a lot of positive feedback after limiting black in y wardrobe ; )

  12. Buffalo is definitely not for everyone.
    You must dress for yourself!
    We are all different and that is why it is wonderful that there are so many options...there is something out there for everyone and I say Bravo!
    I like to add a pop of colour by accessorizing with scarves...

  13. I wear a lot of black because it is efficient. I try to remember to carry my red handbag if I am not wearing a colorful scarf.

    I know you are going to have a wonderful trip to France! I saw your pins on Pinterest and think you are on the right track. Packing knits will save room and I like the things you have chosen.

  14. Additionally, my husband loves me in black! He says it contrasts nicely with my hair. Color can always be added with a scarf, sweater, jacket, handbag, jewelry. And yes, it's great that we all get to choose.