Sunday, January 11, 2015

Retail therapy...a welcome tonic to a grey day.

For the past few months I have been consciously avoiding shopping for clothes.
Saving as much money as I can has been my goal.
I'm not too good at being frugal...but I have been quite prudent with my spending.

My daughter and I ventured out on a bleak and grey afternoon to browse the shops...
"browsing" being the operative word!

Lovely daughter bought several things...
a soft dove grey wool coat, a cute black felted Fedora, several tees and some jeans.
She works in an office downtown and likes to dress well...she loves fashion and mixes vintage, and thrifted items with new garments. I love her sense of style...and may I remind you, she is my fashion advisor!

I browsed too but kept reminding myself that I already own a basic core wardrobe at home,
and it meets my "needs."

I'm drawn to the various shades of grey, especially when it comes to clothing...

I like how it fits in with the black palette that I have chosen for my wardrobe.

I tried on this soft tee top in Forever 21...
and at almost 60 you'd think I would not find a thing in a shop with that name!
There were oodles of young women trolling the aisles, coffees in one hand and cellphones in the other.

"Fast Fashion" are two words that come to mind when looking around and scrutinizing the stock...
this simple top filled a void and the price was reasonably priced
the garment looked well constructed and the fabric is super soft
as I have only two other long sleeved tees in my closet
one in white and the other a blue grey
this will be a staple
I'll be pairing this with my black Barbour quilted vest for starters and layering it with my cardigans.
I have three scarves that will work with it too...
the grey and banana Pashmina, the new black, grey, and cream felted one and the Hermes white a grey silk square.

Window display at Uptown Mall.

It's looking decidedly festive in the parking lot!

I spied a pure white Hellebore blooming in a planter...
such a cheery display, a harbinger of Spring!

I found this vintage jug on the boulevard free pile...
I'm already imagining it filled with our limelight hydrangeas...
or perhaps a bouquet of roses.

In other news, Mr. HB and I watched this very entertaining film...
a couple return to Paris to celebrate their anniversary.
It's a fast moving film that comments on the highs and lows of a marriage.
Like life, it has both joys and sorrows...

I originally mentioned that it was "non stop fun"...and upon careful consideration I have amended my comment...
which was misleading.
(Thank you Duchesse)

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and the acting is superb.

Speaking of fun...I hope you are having some!


  1. I have never been in Forever 21 although I have passed it many times. Fast fashion does fill a need and every piece of our wardrobe does not need to be an investment piece. As a matter of fact, I was looking for a light-weight grey pullover for Oaxaca. Usually, I leave most of my clothes as donations. Probably I can find what I need in a "junior store". I am needing to be more frugal as I am longer retired.

    1. Frugality does not come easily to me but i am getting better at it...
      I think having a tangible goal helps!

  2. I love the photos you've chosen to accompany this post -- the two "black-and-white" shots of those balls and the two of the architectural relief panels particularly. . .

    1. Thank you...I noticed the panel details and thought they were interesting too.

  3. I go to Forever 21 quite often, we have one of their Super stores in the nearby mall. I don't often buy anything but once in a while they have just the perfect item. I like your top, I really enjoy wearing grey, like black it is very versatile.

    1. Grey would suit you too with your red hair and light complexion...

  4. What a great find! I don't often go into Forever 21 as I will be turning 60 next month, but when I do, I get easily overwhelmed by so much merchandise! I love the grey color of your shirt and it looks so soft and comfortable. Is there any chance you might provide a style number? I could see myself wandering in there forever trying to find that particular tee.

    1. 170/98A is the number on the tag...I hope this helps you!

  5. I rarely go to Forever 21 but I do know it's a popular place. I do like the Joe store near it. I love the vintage jug-what a wonderful find! Have a great week.

  6. Holi..can you email me please? I am having trouble commenting on your says my comments are Spam and to come back when I have something useful to say!!

  7. My take on Le Weekend is not "nonstop fun", to me it had lashings of sadness and the frank facing of disappointment (both in career and marriage), at least one scene that reveals deep unsettlement (his desperate hope for her affections, in their hotel room) as well as very funny bits and that wonderful "love scene" at the dinner party where she throws him a life-saver when she recounts that long-ago story of something he did in their early days. A complex film- like bending to admire a rose but seeing there are thorns there, too.

    1. Thank you are right, it is a complex film. I have amended my post...I really enjoyed the acting and the pace of the movie.

  8. Shopping with your daughter sounds like a treat! I miss shopping with mine. I haven't ventured into Forever 21 because I was afraid the quality would be horrific and the styles too young. Your top looks great! Maybe I pop in next time I'm near the shop. Have a great week! xo

  9. Thank you for the number on the tag!
    I am so sorry, I forgot to leave my name!


  10. The old vintage pitcher will be lovely to show off your hydrangeas. And to think it was a freebie ..... wow! Looks like very old piece. :-)

  11. I'm wearing way more gray these days - I think it's the hair change? Anyway, I like your tee and I love the pitcher:).

  12. My favourite French comedy is Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis. Watch in French language/English subtitles rather than English language. I watched it the times on a trip to Paris and back, and could not stop laughing. I bought the DVD last yea and I still laugh when I watch it.