Monday, October 13, 2014

The Cat and the Mat...OOTD

It could have been the cat

or possibly the mat...

It could have been both...

Can you see the connection?

Thanksgiving dinner

Sympli black jersey tank top
Lisa Campione skirt
Pelican Cove beaded wool sweater
Mee Too black flats

We were invited out for Thanksgiving dinner.
 We celebrated with a large gathering of friends and family.
The food was plentiful and delicious...
such a nice treat to be a guest!

I made a tasty yam dish to take along.
( I doubled the recipe as there were 17 of us for dinner)
Recipe courtesy of my friend and walking partner Ruth.

Ruth's Yam bake

In a pot cook 3-4 peeled chopped apples in 3/4 cup of orange juice.
When soft drain and set aside, reserve juice.

Boil 6-8 peeled yams or sweet potatoes until soft
 ( you can use a combination of the two)
Depending on the consistency you may want to add in the remaining orange juice.
Pulse in batches together in the food processor and add the following:
2 tbsp. honey
2 tbsp butter
2 cloves garlic minced
2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp salt

Place in oven proof dish ready to reheat in the microwave or oven.


I haven't forgotten that I promised to show you the loot shoot...
the results of my recent spending spree.
It is in the works.

Hope your week is off to a great start.


  1. Your skirt/sweater combination looks lovely. Thank you for sharing it! How wonderful to share Thanksgiving with both friends and family.

  2. Yes I can see the connection! I dress like my house and now I'll have to see if I dress like my dog too! probably! Love the sound of this yam bake!

  3. All three are beautiful and I am sure you make them all shine. Have a lovely Thanksgiving. I keep waiting for the Paris posts...can't wait to hear all about it.

    1. The Paris trip is not until May of 2015. I am immersed in learning French and I have a LOT to learn!

  4. I will be copying your delicious recipe for our Thanksgiving. My lovely daughter-in-law has asked to take over the festivities and I am delighted. Not only is she a wonderful cook, but her home is warm and welcoming. My son is ecstatic that the tradition is passing to his family. I will miss creating my tablescapes for the occasion, but will enjoy being a guest.

    1. This is perhaps one of a handful of Thanksgiving dinners that I have not cooked since our children were was odd not to have turkey leftovers in the house.

  5. Pretty perfect shades, my wardrobe is made up of much of the same.
    I'm in Paris very soon, I'm behind, have you been or are you going?

    1. I will be heading off to Paris next May. I am reading up on minimal wardrobes so that I can use a carry on. I hope to travel to Auvilar for a week after my Paris tour. I am going on Jamie Cat Callan's Ooh La La Tour. She has a French guide as well as the expert Travelling Professor, Stephen Solosky.
      I hope you will share your Paris trip highlights with us on your blog.
      Have fun!

  6. A lovely, soft-toned outfit. And that yam recipe looks delicious. We had no cooking at all to do for Thanksgiving, completely spoiled by our kids, but now I'm missing the leftovers. . .

  7. Ah exactly what I turkey sandwiches or soup.
    I made a roast chicken dinner last night and served it with stuffing and cranberry sauce!
    The ultimate in comfort food.

  8. Such a pretty outfit ... your cat is so stylish looking, so I'm not surprised he was your inspiration. We enjoyed a turkey dinner at my house, and now the carcass needs boiling down for soup :)

  9. Oh you had me at that adorable tabby! May I suggest you add a touch of pink to reference that lovely nose leather? As far as a carry on for your trip, maybe going but coming back... I've never done it, and don't mind a short wait for luggage.

  10. Realize I wasn't very clear. I've
    1. Taken carry on and bought a bigger suitcase there for the return flight
    2. Taken carry on and one of those nylon foldable cases, then for return checked my carry on, and carried foldable bag, and (once)
    3. Fedex-ed my purchases home separately in a big box (more expensive) .

  11. Looks like I might try Ruth's Yam recipe next time,,,looks yummy :) Thanks, Ruth!! Let's arrange a coffee/tea time soon!!

  12. Very pretty outfit and that recipe looks great!