Tuesday, October 7, 2014

OOTD getting my happy on.

The gloomy sky looms above
sipping coffee without cream...
seem to have contributed and clouded my usual cheery morning.

I am sitting at the table, in front of the laptop, still wearing my bath robe...
thinking about today...
my attitude...
how it can make or break the moments
that together link up
to set the tone
as the morning
slowly unfolds...

Agreed, my appearance is rather sloth like, and one that I would be most assuredly be ticketed
by the Fashion Police should they venture this far off the beaten track!

Here's a cocktail sitting on the counter.
Well it is not really a cocktail, it's a trap...
for fruit flies that have descended on the Humble Bungalow Kitchen.

Recipe for fruit fly cocktail

take one tall glass
(preferably encrusted with bees made in France!)
banana peel and lemon lime Gatorade
plastic film
elastic band
poke a few holes in the top and wait...

Reason for the fruit flies...
we recycle all our food scraps
as per the municipality's recycling program.

Standard issue recycling bucket lined with biodegradable liners.
(Hostess approved green top)

What light through yonder window breaks...
Christmas cactus.

White orchids blooming in the living room on the mantle.

a pretty lime tinged center...

Le Creuset pots and pans live here...all lime green.
A wok, two fry pans, a dutch oven and this sweet pot.
I love how pretty they are to look at when I cook with them.

I've decided that I need an infusion of colour today...

My first Hermes scarf purchased while on holiday in San Fransisco.

A reader mentioned recently I should wear more of the lime green shade.
I know it is a serious pop of colour 
but sometimes one just craves the energy one gets when standing out like a peacock.

BTW Lands' End sent me an email this morning...
"trending now the long sweater"
well I am well on my way and who knew it was a trend?

Cheap and cheerful Mossimo long knit cotton sweater drastically discounted from Target.
Hermes scarf
skinny jeans and ballet flats.

I'm off to get dressed now and get on with my day.
Hope you've got your HAPPY on today!


  1. Your sweater and scarf are so perfect together - they should brighten up your day. And I agree about Le Creuset; mine is red, and it's such EXCELLENT stuff. It's a joy to own it!
    big hug,

  2. I enjoyed this post about random bits. I love long sweaters - trending or not!

  3. We had a fruit fly infestation too. I tried a couple of DIY things but none so clever as yours. In the end, I bought a trap from Lee Valley that did the trick. Love the pots and the pops of colour you have.

  4. Just had a conversation with my son who is presently home from Malawi, Africa...his fruit fly trap is constructed exactly like yours, but contains apple cider vinegar. He says it works a charm.

    I would love to see you in the lime green sweater. I recall how well the vest looks on you.

  5. Well you've certainly made me happier, reading this:). Lime green really is your color.

  6. Fruit flies--let me tell you a story Over 20+ years ago, we had our house up for sale and I had artfully covered the kitchen fruit bowl with a the lid of the bowl. It was a lovely set--handmade, handpainted--truly artful. Unfortunately, I totally forgot that there was fruit in the bowl. By the time I discovered the elderly fruit, it was infested with fruit flies. Where do they come from, I asked. I still don't know.

  7. So happy to see that acidy lime color - it really is your color, as Lisa said as well. A very tough color to wear, but when it works, it really sings. I use it a lot in paintings, but can't wear it at all.

  8. I can't wear lime but love it on others. It's looks really great on you. Fruit flies are mysterious to me. They seem to come from nowhere and won't go away!!

  9. Sometimes the act of putting on a bright color or taking care with ordinary tasks can elevate one's mood. Lots of cheer here - and didn't the day brighten up nicely?

  10. Good morning, you're a stronger woman than I am, coffeee without cream, and first thing in the morning too!
    I will have to try the fruit fly trap, always have them around .
    I love your Le Creuset pans, have always wanted some, even if it's only one!
    I can never find them here(Greece)
    They must be somewhere, the weight of them makes ordering them from abroad very expensive indeed.

  11. I have a lime green creuset pot as well!

  12. I love lime green, so I'm a little jealous of your Le Creuset pans. When I was in Victoria visiting Karsten and Diana's a couple weeks ago they had a fruit fly trap on their counter as well. I have mixed feelings about the food recycling program in Victoria. In theory it is a great thing, but not so much in practice the way it is operated right now. They have constant problems with raccoons getting into the outside compost bin and have had to weight down the top with a rock. And there are the fruit flies.

  13. Color is always good...lime green delightful! Just purchased new placemats in lime green. They look so good on the black granite counter where we have meals now that we are down to just he and me! Added a happy Jack-o-lantern gourd to the mix to bring in a bit of Fall. Hope you are having a colorful week...Susan

  14. Yea for you Hostess! On the cutting edge and that's just how you roll! Don't you love it when you find something you already own is the 'next thing?' I love your scarf and the sweater I agree it is a lovely color. Thanks for the fruit fly tip.. We start getting them once in a while too. Never heard of this! x Kim

  15. Hostess, let me 2nd the lime green sentiment from your other savvy reader. I'm going to give your Fruit Fly Cocktail a go on my hangover.

  16. I was sitting in my jammies this morning, feeling a sloth , too, but picked myself up, showered and dressed up. Amazing what a difference. I love the hi-low dressing with Hermes and Target, looks great together. Lovely orchids, too.
    I've had fruit fly traps too, but I think the bee glass just makes the trap.

  17. Good afternoon Hostess, your posts are always so cheery. I love the lime green (although I don't wear it well) and it is so appropriate for you with such a green thumb. Glorious flowers always! Jen in NY