Thursday, February 8, 2024

Abundance of roses, and clothes that Spark Joy!


We have a full garden with an abundance of roses.
I consider myself an avid rosarian....
desiring more roses in an already full garden is rather greedy.

My husband mentioned that our olive tree might have died during the icy cold snap.
He mentioned I could always buy a rose to fill the space where the tree was planted!

What a great idea!!!

I have always been smitten by shoes with bows.

I own a pair of Ferragamo black patent shoes with bows.
Years ago I had purple suede flats with velvet bows...I wore them out!
They were my "Happy Shoes" I felt so joyful when I wore them.

A few years after the demise of the purple shoes 
I found a pair of black patent flats with black velvet bows.

Mom had a similar pair...
they were such a great mood lifter.
We smiled at each other knowingly when we were together 
wearing our patent bow toed shoes.

So when I was in Twice As Nice consignment looking for a wool winter coat
(which I didn't find)
I spied these shoes by Browns...
tried them on and HAD to have them.

My current "daytime" winter wardrobe.
Athletic wear is stored in the bureau
evening and dressy clothes are in the Hobby Room closet.

I have been adding a few thrifted finds lately...

Gap casual sweater.
Will be worn with my denim and white denim jeans.

A sequin top!!!!

The volunteers at the thrift shop were literally doing a "Happy Dance" 
when I approached the cash desk...
asking how much it was?
They said $2.00 and I was so stunned that I gave them $5 and told them to put the extra money toward their new building fund!

I am definitely going to wear this top and perhaps it will be daytime.
It is a JOYFUL top.
Do you think it will SPARK JOY?

I love how we can shift our moods with clothing...
wearing brighter colours on a dark dreary day.
Adding accessories that elevate a plain outfit or dress.
Finding inexpensive and vintage pieces in the thrift shops that are cheap and cheerful.
One needn't go into debt to have fun with fashion.

Happy Hunting in the Thrifts!

An abundance of Sea Glass...
one day's haul after my beach walk.
Saw two fat seals lying on a floating log...
a familiar face and a shaggy dog
a wee chat with a neighbour.
Gulls, Ravens and a majestic Eagle calling...
Fresh Air, a gentle breeze, and I feel rejuvenated.

Jar of sea glass...
probably my 10th jar.
(I must go downstairs to count them, they are in the window sill of the Hobby Room)

~ Sunshine and Blue Skies ~

Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs
a lovely gift from Becky.
They look like jewels such pretty colours.
Taste great too!

Finished this fabulous book by Anthony Horowitz.
Need to read some more of his books...have read a couple and they are so well written and are wonderful murder mysteries.

What are you reading?

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.
Until next time...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


Paula said...

I just finished reading the William Warwick series by Jeffrey Archer. Now I have to wait until the 7th book is published later this fall.

Jeannine said...

You find the best things! What a good eye you have. Your roses are just fantastic. So beautiful - I can almost smell them just viewing the pictures. I am reading The Hot Flash Club Chills Out by Nancy Thayer. I've also read the previous three in the series. Fun reads. Older women struggling and conquering the many things older women face.

materfamilias said...

I admire how cohesive your wardrobe is -- and the abundance you manifest building outfits out of this disciplined core -- focused and elegant! Brava!

Anonymous said...

If you ever see a pair of shoes like that in size 9 speed dial me! 😆

the veg artist said...

I didn't realise there was a sequel to Magpie Murders, which was on our TV screens last year. Have you seen it? Will order Moonflower Murders now!

Ann said...

What great finds - love the sparkly top and the shoes !!! Just found nice metallic sneakers for an upcoming trip. Finished Demon Copperhead by Kingsolver for book club. It was good, but sad and disturbing. Just started The Little Liar by Albom! Have a great week!

Victoria gal said...

I saw those shoes in Twice as Nice and so wished they were my size. Glad you found them!

I have not had much luck thrifting lately. Consignment store shopping has been great!

Victoria gal said...

I saw those shoes in Twice as Nice and so wished there my size. Glad you found them!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Paula ~ I love being able to find an author who has a great series. I haven't read any Jeffrey Archer but have friends who love his books. Hope your week is going well.

Jeannine ~ I read something of Nancy Thayer's awhile back but I read so many books that I cannot for the life of me remember the title! We have snowdrops, tete a tete daffodils in bloom and the weather is warming up so I think Spring is definitely on its way! Enjoy your book.

Materfamilias ~ I think my wardrobe has evolved a lot over time...packing for Paris the first time using only a cassy on taught me a lot! My retirement has changed what kind of clothes I need...much more casual now! Loved seeing your OOTD in your recent post!

Anonymous ~ I don't have your number!!!

The Veg Artist ~ I have not watched any of the Magie or Moonflower Murders on telly...we are still on the UK Midsummer Mysteries and Brokenwood Mystery series set in NZ. Hope you enjoy the is very much like Agatha Christie.

Ann ~ I have heard mixed reviews on Demon Copperhead...your book club discussion will be interesting! Have a fabulous week!!

Victoria Gal ~ There are such great consignment shops here in Victoria!!! I like perusing them on a regular basis to see what is new. Thrift shops are definitely hit and miss...But when I find a gem it brings me back :-))

Sheila said...

I love the bow shoes - and that you and your mom had that in common - and I'm so glad you found a new pair! The sequined top is lovely, and I hope it makes you happy to wear it! I love anything sequined.

RK said...

Great finds! The sequined top is really fun. I have had little luck at my local thrift or consignment shop recently, but since I need nothing really, that's fine. Maybe even a blessing! I just finished Frozen River by Ariel Lawhon; I liked it and it inspires me to turn next to her earlier book Code Name Helene which has been (unread) on my Kindle for a long time now. I also read The Berry Pickers recently which I thought was terrific--well-written and thought provoking.

beth b said...

Your shoes and tops were great finds! Lucky you! How funny you mention color, because I realized yesterday (Valentine's Day) that I don't have any bright colors in my wardrobe currently (grey, olive, black, camel). I don't wear red, but I think I'll add some pastels ... pink, lavender, robin's egg blue ...
I have just started my very first Anthony Horowitz book and am hooked. It's so fun to find new authors (well, new to me). Love your posts!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how you see beauty all around you, and then share it with us. The gorgeous colors of your sea glass, and the muted richness of the eggs. You are an artist with a camera. A fellow rose lover....Debbie

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Sheila ~ Mom had a silver sequin top that she wore at Christmas and New sister has it! I love the thrifted sequin top and am going to wear it soon...The shoes are so much fun to wear. I get compliments from strangers too :-))

RK ~ Both your current novels are new titles to many book choices out there! Good to hear that you are having some luck at the thrift never know what you'll find!

beth b ~ Fun that you are going to explore new Pastel Colours for your wardrobe...I like to add pops of colour in accessories...lipstick, nail polish and and bags are also options.

Debbie ~ Welcome rose lover!!!
Thank you for the compliment...I enjoy taking photos and love to see the beautiful in the ordinary. Do you have a rose garden?

Sandra Sallin said...

What an eye!! Great stuff. Horowitz? Must check hime out.