Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday thoughts January. 2018....

I finally purchased a new IPhone case...
my other one was chipped and the coating was peeling off
 every time I looked at it it made me cringe so why it took me so long to find a new one is beyond me.

I'm experiencing disrupted sleep
it is most likely stress
like many women of my age 
who frequently find that our sleep wake rhythms change
the nights feel rather long when one lies awake 
listening to the ticking of the clock
I am trying to come to terms with these new sleep patterns
but it is not easy.

In the morning when I wake up and look in the mirror 
I see that my eyes are puffy 
and my skin has creases on the side of my face
from lying on my pillowcase.

I  googled "wrinkles on the face from sleeping" and to my surprise discovered that if one uses a satin or silk pillowcase that these wrinkles will be reduced.
I was really skeptical 
but with several leading dermatologists endorsing the product 
I thought that I better give it a try...
 after one night of sleep
I am thrilled to tell you they really do WORK!
I did not wake up "Feeling Glamorous like the box indicates 
but I woke up and was happy to see that the deep creases were not imprinted on my cheek!

I also have introduced a healthy product into my skincare regime
At bedtime after cleansing my skin
I apply a small amount of coconut oil on my face.
It is super emollient and feels so soft in the morning.
This large jar was under $10 and it will last a long time...
and you can use it all over the body.

I am taking life one day at a time...
seeking small comforts and snippets of beauty
where I can find it in my daily round...
it is a lot harder to find than it used to be
if I had a magic wand I would wave it and erase all the bad stuff in our world.

I will continue...

to do my best.

Home keeping
taking care of my husband
offering support to our family
tending to our cats 

sharing random acts of kindness

Cocooning and recharging....
behind closed doors.

Its also the time of year when I like to replace some of my lingerie
so this is on the top of my list of things to do 
perhaps I'll get around to it this week.

Have you got a long list of things to do this month?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Where do you buy the coconut oil? I could really use that! I have given up keeping a list of things to do –– it was so long as to be intimidating. A priority is to learn how to use the new lens. And sort out the house. Keep on keeping on! Ann

    1. I purchased this jar at Marshalls, they sell it in the grocery stores here too.
      Its quite lovely!

  2. Wishing you a peaceful, happy new year! All the best to you and your family. ( the heart shaped rock is a beauty! )

    1. Thank you and best wishes to you Sheila...
      we have these heart shaped rocks in common!

  3. Morning Leslie... I just commented from my phone and it disappeared!! So you may hear from me twice! :)
    I've tried a silk pillowcase ... I think I noticed an improvement with morning lines on my skin and my hair was definitely smoother, less tangled and unruly! I hope it works for you.
    I too, always look for the good in life around me, the things that make me happy and feel blessed, especially at difficult times. I'm convinced it helps ...
    Take care, Rosie

    1. Oh that's so frustrating when that happens...thank you for persevering!
      Wee snippets of beauty do add to our enjoyment even in tough times....I remember my grandmother telling me that she splurged and bought one red lipstick during the depression era as it gave her a lift.

  4. I sometimes use coconut oil to clean my face in the evening, and it really does a great job as makeup remover. Also it's great for moisturizing feet overnight, under socks. A few years ago, I tried making a homemade scrub with coconut oil, a little body oil (I buy a big bottle of it at our local drugstore, CVS, and the store brand is just like Neutrogena), some coarse salt like Kosher or Himalayan Pink, some finer salt, and a few drops of essential oil. I keep it in the shower and use it a few times a week and it's wonderful! It's the only DIY product that I have made over and over. I put it in a lovely short, wide Mason type jar, and use a plastic lid so it doesn't rust from the moisture.
    I buy my coconut oil at Costco, a local job lot store, or even TJ Maxx/Marshall's/Home Goods. A little goes a long way.

    1. I found the coconut oil at Marshall's too...
      I love using it on my feet under socks...its like a spa treatment!

      Your scrub sounds good too...I must make a jar and use it in the shower.

  5. I hate waking up every hour or so! I tried to have no devices near me last night so I wasn't tempted to listen to a podcast to put me to sleep. It generally works but my sleep is not deep. An old family friend seems to be dying this week and my mum is upset. The principal is promoting the idea of changing our library into a "learning commons". And the mind goes on....I would like to walk more, have more energy in the day and to sleep better. Good luck!

    1. Libraries are the hub of the school but will changing the name make any difference? Our minds are full of info and thoughts and turning them off is tough...Yoga helps and electronic gadgets do not although a podcast might be soothing.

  6. I like the sound of your “doings.” Of course, they are similar to mine.😉 Both my husband and I have been having sleep problems of late. Getting older has challenges I never thought about in the adjusting area. I’ve tried to be honest with my girls so when they get there, they’ll have a better idea what to expect.
    I have not tried the satin pillow idea for the same reason as you, but might have to rethink that.
    Do take care. Mary Lou

    1. You might be pleasantly surprise by the satin pillow cases!
      Fresh lavender may be finding its way back into my bedroom...I am going to try a few other tricks to see if I can improve on my sleep. Good luck with yours too.

  7. I love coconut oil, it is a great, inexpensive, and effective body moisturizer. For my face I like to use Josie Maran argan oil. I have never tried a silk pillow cover but I have heard that it really helps.

    Take care.

    1. The cases do work...who knew? I had no idea but am happy that I discovered it and they are cool against the face too which is nice.

  8. Try a breathing exercise. They can be found on the internet. I also have a lavender sachet under my pillow. Works for me most of the time. Nidia

    1. I do try using Yoga sometimes works but not always.

  9. My daughter suggested I begin using coconut oil the other day; and I think I shall. I've been using cheap olive oil scented with different essential oils on my body after baths and showers, and I love that feel. And although I don't have a long to do list this month, I too will be shopping for new lingerie. Thanks for the lovely post today.

    1. Lingerie shopping can be fun! I look forward to tossing my older bras and freshening up the drawer with some fragrant sachets.
      Hope you enjoy your shopping too!

  10. I’m intrigued by the use of coconut oil, but I worry that it’ll clog up pores and make me break skin does occasionally do that. Also, up until last spring, I had used satin pillowcases for years! I have to say, my face has other issues, but no real wrinkles. Perhaps it was all the years of those pillowcases🙂

    1. I use it sparingly on my face...but slather it on my feet and elbows!
      Good for you that you have a wrinkle free face...wish I had heard about this tip years ago!

  11. I've been wearing a FitBit, mostly to track whether I've moved enough (it can be hard--I work from home, on a computer), and it shows my sleep patterns. I've been trying to get to bed earlier, to do calm things before, etc. And I can see the results.
    Another trick: clench, then release different muscle groups. The clenching releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone. So start with your toes, then your foot, then your toes and foot, then your calf, then thigh, then whole leg, etc. working up. You probably will be asleep before you get to your head.

    1. OK I will try the clench and release idea tonight! If it works I will be so grateful!!!

  12. I always have a long list - either in my head or on paper or both. I manage to tick things off with varying degrees of success. Some things keep showing up on my lists over and over and over! Thank you for sharing your tips and tidbits on how you manage through your days and nights even when under stress. We all need all the help we can get, sometimes, to keep putting one foot in front of the other and carry on. Interrupted sleep is sure a bugaboo and I have had my share of that. Wish I had some great tips for combating that. Sometimes it helps me to do things like name (in my head) all the states in the United States in alphabetical order or name all the people in my office in alphabetical order - kind of like counting sheep, it seems! It will lull me to sleep before getting through the list.

    1. "Keep calm and carry on"...that saying resonates with me.
      If it worked in wartime it can work now...counting sheep always has me spinning the wool and thinking about my next knitting project!
      Lists work to motivate me and I am so focused right now on getting things done and keeping my mind off our troubles that I am ticking the jobs off as fast as I can add is a bit manic I know but it is helping!

  13. I went through a spell of interrupted sleep but seem to be doing better now - although worry does take it's toll.
    It's funny, I love coconut as a food but I hate the smell of coconut oil - I find it overpowering. For my feet I use vaseline and for face and body it's Nivea - and tomorrow I'm going to give myself a bit of a pedicure, slather my feet with vaseline and keep them wrapped up in some extra soft socks all day!
    I do have a long list of things to get through this month - but I'm trying to just focus on one thing at a time and not overwhelm myself. Even if I'm just ticking off something simple like "hem my new navy pants" or "buy new Presto transit card"=it counts as an accomplishment and gets ticked off the list!
    As always, thank you for the beautiful photos and I hope that things improve for you soon.

    1. Oh I like the does feel like food though and not just a cream!
      Enjoy your in home spa day...I love that idea and used to do it regularly when I was working but have let it slide since I retired...s good reminder that I should do it again!
      The reward of ticking off the jobs is worth getting them done!

  14. I was using a satin pillow case until I accidentally threw it in the dryer. After the second, I gave up. Perhaps I should try it again.

    Try counting backwards by threes from 300. When being logical becomes an effort, you may drift off. I think part of the secret is to alter these little mind games. Change your pattern.

    1. Oh...I see that they are delicate and need to be hung to dry...good to remember.
      Mind games....they may keep me awake trying to concentrate on the correct answers!

  15. What a lovely post full of really useful information ! Love your blog so much....
    Have you tried an "Essential Oil Diffuser" ? I have been using one at night in my bedroom for a few months now and I really love it. You fill the diffuser with a small amount of water, about 1/2 C. in mine, and add any type of essential oil you choose. I like to put in Lavender at night, and sometimes a combination of Lavender and Eucalyptus oils. The diffuser will run all night if you like, or just for a few hours (mine has a timer). I bought mine at our local grocery store in their Health Food Section, it's made by a company called "NOW" and they also make organic therapeutic essential oils. You can put a few drops, or more as I do, since I love the smell of lavender. I swear it helps me fall asleep quickly and stay asleep as the smell of lavender is so calming. There are many different types for sale on Amazon. I also just started using a silk pillowcase - should have started a LONG time ago as I seem to have collected quite a few wrinkles !! Thanks again for such a lovely blog.....

    1. No I have never tried an essential oil diffuser...I do love lavender and used to have a sachet hanging on the bedpost...I am off to the shops to see what I can find tomorrow! Thank you :-))

  16. I use coconut oil from time to time,for everything,hair mask,face,body-I like the smell,it reminds me of summer.
    Silk pilowcase and a silk pillow I have for a couple of years-I love the feel and don't have creases in the morning
    When you feel sleepy in the evening,although it may be much earlier than your usual time-go to sleep! I noticed that if I ignore that signs,later could be problems
    I liked what Ellie's friend... said: keep on keeping on
    My list is not very long in January

    1. Coconut oil is very popular sister loves it too.
      I do try to go to bed when I feel tired but I frequently find that I lie awake for hours.
      Nice not to have a long list of things to must be very organized!

  17. I bought some new bras too and threw out some old underwear. A new mattress too for the new year and some new bed linen as well as trying to do a bit of a purge and tidy up.

    When sleeping eludes me I try and just relax and think that lying there with my eyes closed thinking of relaxing things will at least bring me some rest. Or i flick the light on and just read my book. Hard when there is work in the morning - but better to have 4 hours sleep than none at all.

    Good luck Hostess.

    julie Q

    1. Purging and tidying up seem to be a theme for many of us in January!
      Fresh starts...I am with you on keeping my eyes closed and trying to relax...eventually sleep happens!

  18. I, too, like coconut oil and the satin pillowcase.

    Poor sleep patterns intensifies during times of stress for sure. A few years ago when our son had health issues I would wake up trembling and exhausted.

    Friends and I comment that we never thought life would still be so challenging at this stage of our life.

    The thing that has helped me the most is the phrase, "Name one thing worrying has ever helped" and the answer is always the same-nothing and in fact it makes things worse and serves no purpose. It is so hard but the beauty of getting older is realizing what will be, will be no matter how painful.

    Peace for you and your family.

    1. You are right not to worry...I am trying hard to let those niggling stresses go...easier said than done though!
      Well we are better able to cope with stuff at an older age...we are generally wiser and have experience.