Friday, February 10, 2017


Since many of you have shown interest in my thoughts on a smallish wardrobe
I am continuing on the theme with jeans today...

Many office workers will wear jeans on Casual Fridays 
so I thought today would be a good day to share this post..

changed my focus on dressing 
to a much more relaxed and casual style.

This lifestyle revolves around activities and pursuits that I enjoy
time is spent with family and friends...

nothing too fussy or fancy
live theatre
french lessons
the gym
home keeping
grocery shopping

(image from the archives)

Clothes that are well made, fit and flatter are worth their weight in gold...

Jeans are a basic in my wardrobe and I have tried many different brands over the years. In the past I have worn Levis, GAP, French Connection, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, g21 from Walmart.
The cost of all of these jeans has been modest, well under $80...some sourced at the thrift shop for under $10.

I really like the brand NYDJ they are made in the USA which makes them "guilt free" fashion.
The jeans wear well and last a long time so I use the CPW (cost per wearing) factor to justify the expense. NYDJ rarely go on sale here in town, and the prices are around $150 - $200 which definitely puts them in the category that I consider  "investment clothes." I save up for these jeans and because my wardrobe is small they play a big role in my casual retirement dressing.

Writing down and tracking every clothing purchase with the brand details has become a habit since I lost 30 pounds and had to rebuild my wardrobe.
The notes in my book have shown me which clothes wear better than others and I am able to avoid costly mistakes in the future.

I wash the jeans on the gentle cycle, turned inside out and then hang them to dry.
The styles are flattering, look smart and are slimming.

NYDJ are also available in Petite lengths which I love, because I feel jeans that have been hemmed never look quite the same as those fresh from the factory.

Boyfriend, straight leg and skinny
The skinny and the straight legged jeans are over 2 years old and the boyfriends were purchased last year on a trip to Vancouver.

Stay tuned for another post on clothing items 
in my basic wardrobe.

Do you wear jeans?
How many pairs do you have in your closet?
At one time I think darling daughter had over 20 pairs...
the most that I have ever had at one time would be  4 or 5 pair.

What brand(s) of jeans do you like and how do you feel about the cost?

Hope you have a lovely weekend 
thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I have about 5 pairs. I find M&S and Next both fit my body shape here in the UK. They have longevity aswell.

  2. Hostess, I haven't worn jeans in over six or eight years. I'm not exactly sure why. I always wore them previously. Thank yo for this endorsement of NYDJ. I've never tried them. I'll have to visit Nordstrom and try a pair.

  3. I have a few pairs of jeans, but don't wear them as often as I did. My favorite pair is Kut from the Kloth, purchased at Nordstrom. They are a slim leg and ankle length. I may purchase a pair of jean jeggings, if they look okay, to wear with my longish tees. Otherwise, I generally wear black jeans with stretch, various tan pants and a few colored jeans left over from a few years ago. They may be next to go to the donation box.

  4. Hostess, I also love NYDJ but lately I have noticed inconsistency in their sizing. I had very good luck with Talbots' curvy fit jeans and the fact they come in petite sizing is a bonus. Have a good weekend, Elly

  5. I don't have many jeans (about 3 pair). I tend to wear tunics and leggings at home or to the shops. I've found some ponte knit pants that are a little dressier for book club and lunches.

  6. I don't wear jeans as often as I used to, since I have gained weight I feel uncomfortable in them. But I did like the jeans from JJill - especially the boyfriend jeans. But Hostess, I have to say, you always look smart - even though you call it 'casual' you always look elegant and 'pulled together'...very classy.

  7. Thank you for your recommendations and tips. I do wear jeans, but not as much as I once did. I have one pair! I do have a pair of denim trousers, but I don't consider them jeans. Here is one thought I do have, for what it's worth: I think that, often, jeans for women are made with back pockets which are too small in scale. Supposedly, that is to make one's rear look less large, but, in my opinion, they make one's rear look larger. I always liked Levi jeans for that exact reason - the back pockets are larger. Just my two cents.

  8. I used to wear them frequently, but rarely do so now. I just don't find them very comfortable and can't find ones that fit well. I hate trying them on in stores, but one day I'll gird up my will power and set out to try them again. I do wear black jeans, and have found a brand I like (Jones New York), but the blue denim classics I've not had much luck with.

  9. I have six pairs of jeans. I mostly wear skinny jeans and the brands that I like most are Miracle and NYDJ. They fit well and last for years. I am very loyal to these brands. If you find a brand that makes you look and feel saves time to stick with them.


  10. Hi Hostess-I usually don't pay more than $20 for any of my clothing because as an art teacher, there is just too much potential for disaster. Before my knee injury (and resulting weight gain) I would wear Lee jeans because they had the right proportion of waist to hip for me. In the winter I wear JC Penney corduroys to school. I have pairs in 6 colors-all neutrals. Recently I have begun to purchase clothing in non-trendy styles, expecting the clothes to last me well into retirement. Any trendy things I will purchase only on deep discount, most likely less than $10. I started washing my jeans and dark cords two years ago in Woolite for Dark Clothing. Since doing this, the color has stayed true for quite a long time. Carol

  11. My favorite jeans are from LL Bean, they are the slim leg. The fabric is soft and I like the washed, vintage, indigo and black colors. They wash well and dry in my dryer wrinkle free. During cold days I wear a pair of LL Bean 100% silk long johns underneath. This adds the extra warmth when it is below freezing. Susan

  12. Five pairs of blue jeans - all NYDJ petite, on sale. They fit well in the store and first wearing and then lose their shape. Last week the pair I bought is tighter that usual and kept the shape better. In my late sixties, I realize maybe I was too conservative in my thoughts. Other than my yogas pants for the gym and around the house, jeans are what I live in.

  13. I have four pairs of skinny or slim leg stretch blue jeans plus two pair of white. I tend to wear the blue ones around the house and white ones out with a caftan or tunic top in warm weather. But for ease, I love a dress. Throw it on and no need to worry about what else to pair it with apart from shoes or boots to dress up or down with. I find them slimming as they tend to elongate the figure and I pair them with leggings in winter or just a tan in summer. I love silk and linen but am not averse to the odd polyester in a more casual frock. I just bought a new navy V neck, sleeveless dress with a skim the body shape today. Its in quite a heavy textured fabric with a bit of stretch. Somehow I just don’t suit the jeans and a white shirt look, even though its a timeless and chic look. You however, wear it well as Rod Stewart would say! Tonkath

  14. I love jeans! I have two pairs of skinny from Next which were around £45 each but I get loads of wear from them. I also have cheaper brands and one pair of NYDJ which I bought from a charity shop for £2. They are lovely jeans but not sure I would pay full price for them...

  15. I do wear jeans, but only for about 4 months of the year, and when travelling, due to our hot climate. I had one pair of NYDJ and they lasted for years, and I loved them so much, the best jeans ever. Currently have a pair of Levi jeans which I look forward to getting out for Winter. Mostly I wear lightweight stretch pants, always have at least two white linen pairs and enjoy light cotton patterned pants with plain tops.

  16. I love jeans, but find the same struggles as everyone else in finding just the right fit. I have a pear shape, so usually look for curvy styles, but I have a long torso and find that if the waist doesn't hit in exactly the right spot, I tend to get a backache from the band.

    NYDJ has a few styles that I like, and my new favorite jeans are the Platinum Girlfriend line from Chicos. I usually wait until there's a good promotion or coupon available. I prefer dark wash jeans for most of the year but like a lighter wash in a relaxed style for just hanging around, and white crop or ankle length jeans for summer and warm weather vacation. Also, Loft features curvy fit options. Although I'm short, petite styles don't usually work because they're too short in the rise. When I have my jeans shortened, I opt to keep the original hem for a few dollars more, and that keeps them from looking too "old lady".

  17. I HAVE NOT BOUGHT JEANS IN YEARS!I have one pair in my closet now..........I never did get into the FAD of the JEAN...........I think I can count on ONE HAND how many I have had in my 56 years of LIVING!What a FUNNY thought!I think the reason I never went that route was none really FIT me well.......waist to BIG, etc..........I have nothing AGAINST THE JEAN!Just do not wear them.I never thought about it until you made this POST..................I must PONDER SOME MORE!

  18. I have about 7 pair of jeans. Pull on are my favorite jeans these days. Zips and snaps are just too uncomfortable around my middle now. I seldom tuck anything in so they leave a nice smooth front under tops.

  19. I have always had trouble fitting jeans. I am curvy and tall.
    I have tried NYDJ but no, none of them fit me well.
    My current favs are Ralph Lauren Modern Skinny. I wear plus size, I don't know if they make these in misses.
    One things I really like is the rear does not sag as a few of their other jeans do. Modern skinny is made of a slightly stretchy (not too stretchy) black denim.

  20. I love wearing jeans! I'm a big fan of denim. In addition to my jeans I also have a short denim skirt I wear with leggings, a denim jumper, and a denim shirt dress. As for brand, I find Levi's fit me the best. I also have a pair of flannel-lined boyfriend jeans from Eddie Bauer. They have been lifesavers this winter in all the cold weather we've experienced! My favourite jeans though are the two pairs I've sewn for myself over the past six months.

  21. I've always loved jeans and, since retiring, they are a staple in my wardrobe--dressed up or down. I wear darkish denim year round and have a pair of light gray NYDJ which find really versatile. In summer I add white jeans; in winter black denim and corduroy (burgundy this year. I like NYDJ jeans for general and dress casual wear though I agree with the earlier comment that their sizing is less consistent than it used to be. (True of many brands, I'd say.) I've sometimes had good luck with Chico's, J Jill, and JAG (smooth waistband) styles--often on sale. I've wanted to try AG brand, but resisted due to the price until I spotted a pair at a local Marshall's for $20. I suspect they were there due to a small fabric blemish near the hem which I don't mind. The fabric has some rayon and dresses up nicely. And I buy inexpensive jeans (JCPenney on sale, for example) for gardening, yard work, and messy household projects.

  22. I love jeans and at the moment I have 2. I'm really bad. Since I live in jeans I do things like paint the studio walls in them. Now I'm a pretty precise painter, but still managed to get a few white drops on my jeans. And I know I will and I know I'm bad, but really do live in them, so most of my jeans come from Costco. The Calvin Klein jeans fit me nicely and cost $25 or so. Then I don't have to worry that I bought them for something ridiculous like $300 (one pair of Parasucos one idea what I was thinking).

  23. I wear jeans virtually everyday and I have too many at the moment. Today might be a good day to reevaluate some of them. I've reached the point that I can't find which ones I'm looking for...never a good sign!

  24. Hi! I have 5 pairs of blue jeans in my closet right now......from dark wash to various levels of faded. I have tried NYDJ, and like them, but don't have any just now. My absolute favorite pair is Eileen Fisher skinnies, which I found at Nordstrom's Rack on a really good sale several years ago. I actually need to think about replacing them. I have also had good luck with Loft and sometimes Gap. Just the other day, I bought a pair of the new style of ankle jeans with the raw edge at H&M, on sale for $10! I was shocked at how well they fit, and on talking with the salesclerk, apparently lots of figure types are having success with them. I think they are more of a high-rise cut. With the lower cut styles, I almost always have to take them in at center back because of my back curve. I wear jeans a lot, as well, but am trying to bring more black pants of various types in. I usually try and buy things at second hand shops or on a really good sale. I am enjoying this "series" you are doing!

  25. I live in jeans. MnS for in the house, Betty Barclay and Robell for going out. Also have Eugen Klein and a pair of Levi's. Skinny, straight and boot cut. Blue, black, red and white. You can safely say I love my jeans despite my 70 years!

  26. I lived in jeans for many decades, but the last few years I cannot tolerate their stiffness. I hate the addition of spandex--I think I'm in the minority on this. I miss the look of denim, but won't abide discomfort anymore.

  27. I wear only NYDJ, and prefer the boot cut style. My "uniform" is NYDJ (because they fit and flatter and always look good), with a nice top, and good shoes. I add jewelry, a good handbag, and I'm out the door. I'm retired, too, and this has made getting dressed effortless. My 24 year old daughter says that I always look good, so I guess I'm doing something right (I'm 56). But I completely agree with you, NYDJ's are pricey, but they wear well and always look good (I wash mine the same exact way!).

  28. I love jeans but can never find any that fit me in the waist. You know the teenage boy pants fad where your pants are hanging off your low hip and the crotch is at your knees? That's me. I do have a question: Does anyone recommend a brand of jean that is lightweight? I live in AZ and it's too darn hot in the summer for jeans. Linen wrinkles and forget about leggings when it's 118 outside.

  29. I love jeans,especially white during the spring and summer. Have NYDJ in white and one pair in black corduroy/velvet kind-both straigth
    My choice are always straight and boot cut-have only one pair of skinny jeans in grey.
    I love Seven for all mankind,Betty Barclay, Calvin Klein,Comma,Boss....
    All of them are also too wide in waist (and believe me,I am not Twiggy)and I have to adjust them by my seamstress
    I hope that you are feeling well

  30. I apologize for not responding to each and every comment on this post but I am under the weather with a head cold...
    thank you for your comments, I appreciate them very much.

  31. Thank you so much for sharing your life through your words and most beautiful pictures. I enjoy your blog very much, it gives me a great deal of comfort, peace and inspiration. My thoughts and prayers for peace, comfort and strength are with you, your mother and family at this time.