Monday, April 25, 2016

The raptures of Spring...

Our Humble Bungalow Garden comes alive every Spring.
So exciting to see after cool wet Fall and Winter seasons...

Dewdrops and raindrops look so pretty resting on these leaves.
Pots of pansies and tulips make for a happy marriage.

Tulips are a favourite meal with our local deer population do they have been relegated to the area of the garden that is protected by the fence!

I have not bothered to dig up the tulip bulbs in the front garden 
so the deer just happily munch on them as they stroll by...
our garden must be on "their feeding route" 
as other gardens on our street have masses of tulips and they have not been nibbled.

Spring has come early...

Muguet des Bois
we started with a small clump and these have spread like mad in the garden.
I love their scent and love to pick a handful as gifts.

Their fragrance dissipates shortly after picking 
but for a few days a wee vase filled with them can fill the bathroom with the most amazing scent.

Looks like a wonderland of white bobbing bonnets...

Ah and the lilacs...
such beauty and another intoxicating fragrant flower.

The bees are back and busy pollinating the flowers...
one does need to be mindful and rest.

I am enjoying
slow mornings sipping my cafe creme
a good book in hand
often stopping mid sentence and staring out the window.
appreciating the beauty of the garden
the blooms of Spring
and the sounds of the birdsong and of the bees buzzing.

I had my cortisone injection last week and it was not a very pleasant experience.
I must confess to being rather nervous.
I read up on the procedure at the Mayo Clinic website, 
the only one that I trust to give honest information 
so I had a vague idea what to expect 
but I had not really prepared myself for the sensations involved...
after three wee pricks for the freezing
a larger needle filled up the shoulder joint with what felt like goop...
thick play-dough like goop.

My shoulder is sore but I am told it should be better as time passes...

I am such a wimp when it comes to medical procedures.

How do people manage to find the strength and courage to deal with long term medical issues?
My utmost respect goes out to people who deal with disease with grace and dignity.
And there are many people out there who face these challenges everyday.

But for now I am giving myself permission to just be in the moment.
Allowing myself some moments to quietly contemplate the beauty of Spring.
Nodding as I embrace gratitude 
wait for the rest of the garden to burst forth with the raptures of Spring.

Take care and thank you for stopping by and visiting my humble blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Hostess, I've been through what you are going through with your shoulder. It is really painful--but it does come to an end! I'm glad you are getting good treatment.

    Your garden is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Susan your comment is exactly the kind of encouragement that I need to hear. Thank you!

    2. I too have had it. Not fun, but it will get better. One day you will think, Oh, I can’t remember the last time my shoulder hurt and you will be able to move it. (A bit like how warts disappear.) The cortisone did the trick for me. Heatpacks, hot showers and electric blanket all provided some relief as I had mine mostly over winter a couple of years ago. Tonkath x

  2. Love seeing your photos, your pansies are so vibrant. You have beaten us here in rural France our Muguet is not yet in flower. I don't know whether you know the old French tradition of giving a sprig of Muguet to loved ones on, le premier Mai. The florist sell tiny posies, maybe 3 or 4 sprigs and so expensive, as I'm sure you experienced in Paris after your trip last year, so I'm hoping mine will be in bloom by next Sunday. Hope the Cortisone injections help you with the problem you have in your shoulder, 2 years ago I had 2 courses of 3 injections in my spine and still had to have surgery.

    1. Last May the Muguet des Bois venders were set up at every street corner when I was visiting Paris! The florist on Rue Racine had a long line up out the door with people waiting...I peeked inside and everyone seemed happy and were chatting...the florist stopped what he was doing and he winked at me!
      Barbara, I do hope that your surgery was effective...chronic pain is nasty.
      I have a former colleague who is having similar treatments in her spine and she is a young woman who has a toddler...and I wonder if surgery will be her next step. Take care

  3. Your cortisone shot sounds really unpleasant. I hope it works wonders though and that you heal up soon. I am not a fan of needles but out of desperation I'm going to finally try acupuncture for my migraine headaches, I'm too busy to have these things slow me down. I go on Wednesday for my first treatment, yucky. I'll try to channel your brave spirit. :)
    Lily of the valley, I love it. It was our wedding flower (we were married on April 29th). Ours aren't up yet but I'm checking my garden for them every day.
    Have a lovely week XO

  4. The physiotherapy clinic that I go to work on vertigo and headaches...I can understand you wanting to try anything as migraines are terrible. Good luck on Wednesday and I hope that you get some relief.
    I used to have them when I was younger...they were hormonal and stopped when I went off birth control pills.
    Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!

  5. Yours has to be the prettiest garden on the street. You're good to the bees.

    Funny, the other day I was also thinking of those with continual pain and how strong they are.

    1. There are many lovely gardens in our neighbourhood and most gardeners would say that theirs is not the prettiest by far...the grass is always greener in another garden and the flowers more prolific...we gardeners are a humble lot and are always looking for ways to improve our is true. I visited the most magnificent garden up island "Milner Gardens" and Veronica herself, elderly as she was back then, was carrying a weeding "cane" it was her walking stick but it had a sharp prong on the bottom and she stabbed at the weeds as she walked by and grumbled about what a messy garden. Her garden was truly a is a special place to visit and is open for tea. now...which reminds me that i must go up and have a look around and enjoy a cup of tea.

  6. All I can say is thank you Mr. jobs for inventing the iPad, it certainly makes coping with arthritis (in my foot) easier to bear as I feel I am in touch with friends as I sit up, foot on stool reading lovely blogs.

    1. Ipads are a handy tool to light and portable.
      Hope you are relaxing Sue...and that you have some one close by to give you a hand when you need it.

  7. What beautiful, happy Spring flowers. I so love lily of the valley, which of course I cannot grow, and I have fun with them when visiting my daughter in Ontario. The cortisone injection sounds painful, not for the faint-hearted. Hope you don't have to do that too often.

    1. The pretty Spring flowers do help to raise one's spirits when they are flagging...
      ah but you have those beautiful red cardinal birds and other exotic wildlife that we do not have here. Each country has some unique treasures and when it comes to nature well...I am always amazed at the diversity.

  8. Hopefully, the shots will help your shoulder. The colours of the pansies are magnificent!
    Weren't the muguets bouquets in Paris charming? The first year that I was there, I e-mailed a photo of them to all my family. It is amazing how people cope with chronic illness/pain.

    1. The floral shops were teeming with peonies and roses and lily of the valley when I was there and then in the SW of France there were vast fields of red poppies...such beauty!

  9. I hope your shoulder starts to feel better soon. It's not just one shot is it? Usually a series of three? Your garden is beautiful as always.

    1. The prescribed course of treatment is indeed three...I was hoping for a minor miracle and perhaps only needing one!!
      How are your vegetables ? I remember that you installed raised beds last season...we have several, one for the asparagus, one for garlic, peas, and one for strawberries...if we had a huge space we could add more. The greenhouse is where we are growing tomatoes, radishes, basil and peppers...fingers crossed we have a good crop...with any luck I might even need to buy a small freezer!

  10. I find your blog an oasis of calm in a mad busy world and a wonderful reminder of what really is important in life. Hope your cortisone injection gives some relief.

    1. I have set out to show a calmer side of if you feel as you say, I have succeeded. Life around here is rather slow...and I quite like it that way!

  11. I'm the anonymous comment above - wasn't sure how to get my name on to it. So I'm trying this

  12. Hi Hostess!
    I hope that your shoulder gets better. Injections are painful but you are brave and it would help you,I'm sure!
    You have such a lovely garden. I adore les muguets (even couldn't resist Anick Goutal's Les Muguets scent this spring ) and lilacs as well
    Best wishes

  13. Your new scent must be lovely...I had the opportunity to test a couple of her fragrances in Paris. Such beautiful bottles..they were located very close to the lingerie section at The Bon Marche on the Left Bank...

  14. I have to admit to being a tad envious. You really are enjoying spring in full bloom where you live. We are experiencing winter revisited over here, with dropping temperatures and we even had a snow flurry earlier today. Brrrr. Oh to be in your neck of the woods now that spring is here. Looks like Canada got the memo that it was spring, the UK didn't :-(.

  15. I have to admit to being a tad envious. You really are enjoying spring in full bloom where you live. We are experiencing winter revisited over here, with dropping temperatures and we even had a snow flurry earlier today. Brrrr. Oh to be in your neck of the woods now that spring is here. Looks like Canada got the memo that it was spring, the UK didn't :-(.

  16. Cortisone is a nasty business. I'm glad you are treating yourself kindly after the procedure.

  17. Yes rest in the moment as your body revives. Your pansies are to die for, those colours, breathtaking, hopefully they lift you up.

    Keep well, thank you for your blog.

  18. I sure hope the shots help your shoulder. They sound pretty scary!
    This post reminded me that I need to dig up my Lily Of The Valley from our farm and see if I can transplant it here at our house? We finally put the farm up for sale, and there are a few plants that I want to keep.

  19. I tried to warn you about cortisone shots. I really wish you would consider NOT getting them. I can't name the doctor who I am friends with but he is the best of the best. He emphatically said not to go the cortisone routine. As I posted before he said there really is nothing you can do for FS except simple things to provide temporary relief. It will start to "thaw". It always does but it takes time-usually 12-16 months from start to finish. You can spend a ton of money, see every therapist around and guess what it will take 12-15 months to go away. My doctor friend (as I said he is considered one of the top orthopedic surgeons in Canada-works for Olympic teams, professional sport teams (NHL) said FS has almost become a bit of a racket. Therapists and doctors know there really is not much they can do but do it anyway. FS is tough-I had it in both shoulders at the same time. Do gentle stretches, maybe some massage and be patient! One day you will start to feel your shoulder gradually improving-range of motion will begin to increase and pain will diminish. Cortisone shots won't make that happen any faster. Promise this is the last time I will say it! ;-)

  20. applepie...I took the advice of the specialist that I am seeing at ReBalance, my physiotherapist recommended it and my RMT said her friend had instant results after her shot so I thought it was worth a try. The most effective relief I get is from is expensive as my extended benefit plan will not cover more than 3 sessions...and I am going weekly and paying for it out of our household account. I have to keep telling myself it is worth it...I could have purchased several new Hermes scarves or bought a return ticket to Paris for what I have spent so far...yet one's health is more important than material goods and travel.
    Please do not feel the need to stop commenting...if your doctor friend is in the Victoria area and taking new patients perhaps you can email me with his name.

    1. My doctor friend recently retired but is in Vancouver. I didn't like hearing wht he had to say but he was right and he sis knowledgeable and experienced.

      I know how awful FS is-I thought I would be in pain for the rest of my life. At 56 that was a sobering thought. But he was right-time passed and the shoulder gradually began to loosen up and pain subsided. I had tried active release and it was so painful I almost threw up from the pain. This when I consulted Dr C and he said not to waste my time and money. He was dead against cortisone shots for it. If massage helps then it might be worth it but just know that it WILL get better-you will be amazed and excited when you feel the release start. Everything you are doing now is very temp and does not move the process along. Hang in-it is tough but will be a distant memory -it is for me and thousands of other (usually middle age women).

  21. Wee bobbing bonnets! I love that.

    And all the sympathy on your shoulder. I should probably get another cortisone shot or something, for my 2-year old injury:(