Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ooh La La Paris with Jamie Cat Callan...fingers crossed!

I'm dreaming of Paris...
I've wanted to go to Paris for a long time.
I think it all started when I was a preteen and wore Evening in Paris cologne...those beautiful shaped cobalt blue perfume sets were regular gifts at Christmas and birthdays. Dabbing cologne on my pulse points made me feel very feminine and grown up.
I adore Audrey Hepburn and have watched all of her films many times.
I am particularly fond of her role in Sabrina...
do you remember when Sabrina comes back from Paris after attending cooking school with her new chic coiffure and her haute couture ensemble?
She exudes French Chic Style.

I am surprised that it has taken me so long to actually get motivated to go to Paris as I have wanted to go there for as long as I can remember...

Our two children arrived when I was in my early 20's so I could not just pack up and leave them...
then I was busy with my career.
It is only now that I am retired that I feel ready to make the trip.
It could be my 60th birthday present!

The French classes are starting up again next month after the summer break and I have registered and paid my dues.
I hope to join in the Cafe Pause locally one afternoon a week to converse entirely in French with others interested in practising the art of better to prepare for interactions in Paris than to chat over a coffee?

My Paris plans have changed as my travel mate is having second thoughts so I have my name on Jamie Cat Callan's Ooh La La Paris Tour waiting list for next May. 
You may know Jamie through her books...
if you haven't read her books you are in for a treat.
I love her writing style and her Parisian flair.
Her books are the perfect summer read especially of you are dreaming of Paris and French Chic Style.

Jamie graciously entertained 12 lucky women this past May while they saw the highlights of the city and were privileged enough to get "behind the scenes" in several exclusive shops.
By all accounts they had a delightful time...
I now have my hopes pinned on joining Jamie as she leads this tour next year.
I think I'll be re-reading Jamie's books to get me prepped for the tour!

I am saving in earnest for my trip to Paris.
A while back I mentioned that I was trying to figure out how to sell some of my modernist jewelry and I have recently rented a shelf in the local antique mall Vanity Fair on Fort Street.
So far I have successfully sold a beautiful Robert Larin bracelet.

I plan to keep the theme of my shelf in the modernist style...
I have some teak Dansk items, and lots of Swedish and Finnish art glass.
There are bangles and darling daughter is going to put some jewelry in as well.
I hope that this venture will prove to be a viable way to add to my savings...

Summertime is a great time to pick up a good book...
books do not have a season but I find more time to read when we are aboard our boat.
It is a much smaller space than the Humble Bungalow and there is no garden to take care of...
so when I have the boat ship shape it leaves me time to read.

In the spirit of thrift (and saving for Paris!) these books were borrowed from our public library.

I watched a TV series that sounds a lot like this book

I'll be visiting the Riviera (vicariously) when I delve into the pages of this one!

I'll continue to work hard to save for my Paris dream trip.
Are you dreaming and saving for something special?

I will be posting sporadically over the next week as I have a blog break planned so if you don't hear from me do not fret I will be back soon.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Peeking Inside the Humble Bungalow...Summer 2014.

I was inspired this Monday by Dani BP Mop Philosopher's post...
Dani purchased a chevet after a 2 year search and it is the perfect piece for her bathroom.

We have been collecting arts and crafts quarter sawn oak furniture for the past 32 years and it took quite some time to find. We had to consider the size and scale of each piece as our Humble Bungalow is small and we were mindful  of our limited budget as we were undertaking restoration projects from the very beginning of our ownership.

We still need to do our master bedroom and there are new front stairs and an exterior paint job on the do list...
it is a labour of love being stewards of a heritage designated home.

With the glorious and bright summer sunshine and riotous blooms in the garden it has been easy to forget that we live in a dark and cozy heritage home.

You can plainly see our front stairs are in dire need of repair and the paint on the exterior is peeling.
Having said that, heritage homes are always in need of maintenance.
Thank goodness ours is not as vast as Chatsworth or Highclere Castle!

Our Humble Bungalow is filled with dark arts and crafts oak furnishings...
many have been reupholstered at a local shop which is considerably more expensive than buying new reproduction pieces.
Wendy has blogged about this recently too...

We like to add a few bits and bobs to perk up the space.
You can see that we have kept our Christmas fairy lights strung up along the beams near the ceiling...
nothing like plugging them in when we entertain for a twinkle effect and more lighting!

Rugs underfoot are a must as our 1912 bungalow can be frightfully cold and draughty in winter.

Runner rugs and area rugs add a punch of colour...
we purchased these new at Chintz and Co.

Original art hung on Bradbury and Bradbury hand made period wallpaper.

We have art in our bathroom too..

Our dear friend Cheryl Fortier gave us this one that she painted when she was in France.

Arts and crafts book shelf re purposed for towels.

Our bathroom renovation was done by a contractor friend and designed by Mr. HB
It has in floor heating and I love the results...

The standing lamps in the living room were purchased new through Sager's Furniture and they are from California. They are oak and of a scale that suits the rest of the furniture.

The lights in the rest of our bungalow were made at Waterglass Studio in town.

Mr. HB designed the kitchen and many people think it is the original one which we take as quite the compliment!
(please overlook the tea towel left casually on top of the granite countertop...)

I hope you've enjoyed the tour today...

It's such fun when other bloggers fuel and inspire a response...
 to one that they have posted.

Be Well and Be Kind.

Monday, August 18, 2014

I've got the Blues...

I love a fresh pedicure and all the pampering that one receives from a fabuluos spa....
I love Bliss in the Cadboro Bay Village.

"The Skies the Limit"
 is the newest shade of polish that I opted for when I had my pedicure.
It is a lovely shade of turquoise blue as I have been in a blue mood.
Not blue as in sad blue but blissed out on blue...

I'm over the moon about blues, which is refreshing and new.

I was crazy for orange awhile back but blue is the new kid on the block!

The Climbing Royal Sunset is in it's second flush of flowering.

Such a stalwart and hardy rose it's like the "energizer bunny" of roses!

But I digress...
I was meant to be focusing on blues...

The Rosie Project is my favourite book so far this summer.
It is a light read and totally entertaining...
run out and get your hands on a copy and let me know if you agree that it is a winner.

Darling daughter and I had lunch at a local French bakery...
they sell the most wonderful baguettes in town and serve up tasty sandwiches and pizza.
In case you were wondering Fol Epi translates as "wild wheat stalk."

Pizza Margherita

I opted for the coffee tonic as it was a very hot day and darling daughter had the caffe shakerato.

The atmosphere at Fol Epi is casual, the food delicious, and the views over the harbour are quite lovely.
It's a super popular spot for a quick bite.
The outdoor seating was full...
 so we sat inside which was a good idea because we needed shelter from the scorching sun.
Sated and rested we then toddled off to the thrift shops...

I picked up this pretty paperweight in the Sally Ann for a toonie.

I pulled out this Hermes scarf to wear with my Gap denim jacket as the weather was cloudy. 
I love the pop of red.

How wonderful this kite looks flying against the blue sky.

On a sad note these beautiful hydrangeas are almost done...

Do you remember the Blue Man ?
It was a collaboration with a student from school.

Play doh was a wonderful learning tool that I used with an autistic student.
We talked about the science of the human body while the rest of the class were studying at a much higher level.
Adapted programs are key to our special needs children in the school system.

In our province the teachers are negotiating a new contract with the province who are under funding our educational system. Teachers are on the front line and they justifiably want to have more control over class size and is very near and dear to my heart.

I hope that the mediator rules in favour of the teachers.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

~ Nelson Mandela ~

Friday, August 15, 2014

We have been "Empressed"

The Fairmont Empress is a grand hotel with many "Empressive" amenities...
We walked from our home not too far from the hotel on a sunny warm summer's eve.
Our 40th wedding anniversary was last month and we were given a gift voucher for The Bengal Room.
Thank you to our son and daughter in law for our lovely evening and classic Bengal Room Curry Buffet.

Looking out the window towards the legislature...

a celebratory cocktail

Edwardian decor...
very much a hunting vibe going on here!

The Bengal Room is famous for their curry.

It was delicious!

Dessert rice pudding and a chai creme brulee...

After our dinner we walked through the lobby to hail a cab.

Lovely shops...with high end clobber!

I'll be wearing my scarf tied over my coat this way when the weather cools...
Oh and those blue bags so tempting...

How about a ruby ring?
40th after all is "ruby celebration."

How about a sapphire necklace?

The tea shop beckons...

Pretty plates for an afternoon tea party.

How about a classic afternoon tea at The Empress...
when one is in Victoria this is a must.

A high calorie indulgence...
worth it once in awhile.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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