Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring ~ Skincare, habits and tackling "the list."

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and well wishes during my recent bout of flu.
I am so glad that I am over it....and the weird thing, is that I had a flu shot earlier this year.

If you had told me that having a week "off" with nothing much to do but lay in bed would be "productive" I would have shrugged and shaken my head. I am not accustomed to lying around and find it quite a challenge.
Drowsy from cough and cold medication I managed to leaf through many magazines reading articles on everything from lingerie, lotions, sunscreen and shoes. My husband was willing to pop over to the market at my request and buy food, boxes of Kleenex and fashion magazines. Thank you Honey!
I discovered, as many of you already know, is that sunscreen is the most important anti aging product on the market. I have never found a sunscreen that worked well under my foundation and the brands that I tried were thick and often left a white residue...until now.

This formula is light and blends easily so there is no excuse not to use it every day.
Good 'cuz anti aging skin care is now up there on my radar.

I read that the second most important ant aging product is Retinol...
it has been scientifically proven to minimize wrinkles.

I thought that Retinol was too harsh for my skin until I read the latest Allure magazine.
ROC make a Retinol cream for night 
(which apparently is the best time to use it)
the ROC formulation has some "buffers" which make it gentle to use on the skin.
I am following the directions and using it every other night for 2 weeks to make sure my skin will not over react.

This is the extent of my invasive skin care fillers, or Botox for the Hostess.
(I have had some IPL treatments for my rosacea in the past but they are expensive.)
I plan to book a microdermabrasion treatment in the next couple of weeks..

Moisturizer and hydration are both very important and I have always focused on these habits.
Drinking lots of water and using an emollient cream or serum to plump up the skin just seems like common sense.
I've just received L'Occitane's Divine Cream in the post, just in time as I am scraping the jar to get the last bit out!

I had lots of time to mull over focusing on a healthier regime.
There is always room to tweak one's diet, amp up weekly activity and add a new proven skin care product.
Eating. walking and skincare all things that I try to be mindful of and embrace.

The downside of being out of commission is that my stamina for walking the 5 K and 10 K routes have been reduced and so my pace is much slower and I am much more aware of fatigue.
Fortunately my walking partner is understanding so we are working up to my former speed.
So that's about it on the health front...

I like lists and use them regularly...
what I really love is crossing off the things as I complete them.

Not bad work!

Our mushroom coloured coverlet looks so shabby it's actually embarrassing.
How can things like this hover just under the radar without getting noticed?

 I zipped off to the newly opened Marshalls and found a suitable replacement.

The white towels were purchased online from Lands End at 30% off and will be arriving shortly.
The new shower curtains are installed and the old ones were bleached and will be ready when it is time to launder the new ones.

The Gap denim jacket should be here any day now and I need to spend a few moments on the phone with my day book so I can book those appointments.

The de-cluttering has started and I took a bag of things to Good Things Consignment in Oak Bay.
Stuff that just collects dust and offers no Joy is on it's way out of The Humble Bungalow!
I've declared war on dust.
Makes it easier to keep on top of the house work with fewer knick knacks.
Mr. HB likes it better this way too.

Re-arranging is a Spring time activity...
Our Pacific Northwest First Nations Baskets were moved about.

I've washed a few of the windows and am working in one room at a time.
But not trying to overdo things ~ I am pacing myself.

Going through my book shelf looking for titles to donate.
If I don't plan to re-read a book it needs to go to a new home.

I'm excited just thinking about how good it is going to feel to have reduced the clutter in The Humble Bungalow.

What Spring things are you doing in your home?
Are you doing a major clean or a total purge?

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Watch and Learn...

Do you like to learn new things?
Are you constantly seeking ways to stimulate your brain?
You know what they say use it or lose it!

We all are different when it comes to learning and so there are many ways to teach someting new.
I learn best by doing..."experiential learning" is important for me to do it to remember what I have learned.
Others can see something once and they've got it...I envy those gifted students.
Some learners require a multi pronged approach...a combination of reading, watching and doing...
and repeat these many times until the concept has been adopted.

Here are a couple of videos to encourage you to learn something new today.
The first video is on scarf tying... a subject near and dear to my heart!
Thank you to my friend D who shared it with me.
I've watched the video several times and have a few new ways to tie my scarves...I hope you will enjoy it too.

The second video is bit more fun than educational...but nevertheless I wanted to share it with you.
I linked to it several years ago but it still feels "current" after rewatching it this morning.
The Secrets of Style French Chic....

I hope to be back in action posting some new OOTD shots when I swap out my winter closet for my summer one.
I plan to walk over to the consignment shop today and see what they have in stock for Spring and Summer.
It's a sunny day and I feel motivated to dress a little lighter.

Is the sun shining where you are today?
What are you going to wear as you go about your day?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday...flower show.

There's a beautiful Anglican church located in the Metchosin area a few miles out of Victoria that every Easter time has the most spectacular display of native lilies and shooting stars.
The heritage Garry Oak meadow offers the best conditions for these wee native plants to thrive.
Mr. HB and I took a drive out to have a peek yesterday and I thought it fitting that I share the pictures with you.

"Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in Being. Allow nature to teach you stillness."

~ Eckhart Tolle ~

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

You wouldn't want to go traipsing about in the garden though for fear of trampling the plants.
En masse they look quite stunning don't they?

"I believe in God, only I spell it Nature."

~ Frank Lloyd Wright ~

Native garden flowers naturalize in areas undisturbed by the hand of man.

shooting stars


Camas and buttercups

In our Humble Bungalow Garden Spring blooms are popping up at every turn.
I look on Spring as a time of renewal in the garden.
An opportunity to edit, and perhaps to add some new specimens.

The Magnolia that we purchased last year is blooming.
I love the pure white waxy petals.

I love a hellebore and have had my eye on the new burgundy black variety.
They seem to sell out as soon as they arrive at the garden shops.
Gardeners love a new varietal, something different and unusual, we may be frugal when it comes to our plants but show us something new and radically different and we open our wallets wide!

These yellow lilies are naturalizing in various beds in the garden.

We enjoyed our first harvest from our asparagus bed.

Mr. HB assembled our new deck furniture this weekend.
This is where I hope to spend many hours sipping tea and reading.
We'll certainly want to have some comfy chairs to sit on after a day spent working in the garden.

The garden posts are going to pop up more frequently as the season progresses...
hope that you will enjoy seeing what our wee plot produces.

Hope that you are well and making the most of your weekend.
Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Tis the weekend where Flopsy and her long eared friends cavort outdoors among the daffodils...
and bright eyed children go a'scrambling in search of hidden Easter eggs.

Easter Weekend can be jam packed with activities and social commitments.
As I am still blogging in bed I thought a post on how Flopsy might put HOP back in her life might be timely!

This little bunny is going to take it easy this weekend.

I'm on top of most things but admit that I now I need to let some things go....
give in and put them out of my mind.

Look Chester got into the act!
You can see him in the right of the image taking a nip out of bunny's ear.
OUCH Chester that hurts!

Hang in there Flopsy.

Some days you are on top of the world and other days you just have to go with the flow...

On these rather difficult days one needs to be kind and be gentle.

Taking special care to tend to focus on a restorative practice.

Slow down 
breathe deeply
savour the beautiful
eat healthy food from a pretty plate
anoint the body with rich lotion or oil
put on some comfy cozy clothes
light a scented candle
brew a pot of tea or coffee
enjoy a small square of chocolate let it slowly melt in your mouth
lie down in a comfortable position and rest
have a nap or doze
look at beautiful images from a book that speaks to you
soak your feet in scented salts
massage them with cream and then put on some socks
read inspirational quotes or poetry
listen to your favourite music
look at your photo albums
write in a journal
let your creativity flow without judgement
arrange or rearrange a vignette of things you love
clear out clutter ~ if that junk drawer is driving you crazy be ruthless
iron some linen, stand back and admire the pile after you finish
fold the laundry and put it away
watch a classic film
paint your nails

Listen closely to what it is that you need.
 What is it that works for you personally?
Give yourself permission to indulge in a day completely devoted to calming and soothing.

Tomorrow you will be better prepared to rise up and greet life with a smile and accept the challenges.

Happy Easter
I hope that you have a joyful weekend.

"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses."

~ Hippocrates ~

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unexpected and so welcome...

Mother has been busy helping me from the other side of the The Humble Bungalow Front Door.
She's working the outside while I am marooned in the sea of a downy duvet.
The tables have turned and I am so grateful that she wants to be of assistance.
She never asks for help herself but is the first one to give it.
I do the same for her.

She picked up library books that I had on hold when she was in the Village.
She called ahead and said "I'll ring the bell twice and run!"
Sounds like a secret agent code to me.

When I opened the door to pick up the books she was just getting into her BMW and there on top of the stack of books was a bouquet of pretty roses!

They fit perfectly in this vintage ironstone jug.
Mother was with me when I found it hiding on a dusty shelf in a local shop.

This book was a quick read and I found myself salivating when Amy describes the various sweets that she eats.
Her list of recommended Paris boulangeries and pastry shops are listed in the back of the book.
I do love a good piece of chocolate and have a crush on salted caramel chocolates.

Quarantine has it's ups and downs.
I don't want to share my germs but I do not want to be a burden or take advantage of my family.
 I did text Mr. HB and asked him if he would mind picking up some lemon shortbread when he picked up the BBQ chicken at the market. 
No problem.
I tried a sample last week and was quite impressed and thought how delicious it would taste with a cup of tea.
They are yummy!

The shortbread did not disappoint and there are several cookies left in the box on the counter for later!

I always have lots of fruit on hand...
fresh pineapple, grapes, bananas, oranges and apples.
My go to healthy sweet treats.

Besides reading, resting, roses
there's been a wee bit or retail therapy involved...
I know I am vulnerable when I am under the weather but we all need a pick me up once in awhile.
So try not to judge me harshly.

With that out in the open...

GAP had a 30% off sale and I wanted to buy a denim jacket so all I needed to do was decide which wash to order.
Do you think I could decide?
I opened the page several times and closed it again.
I wanted a jacket that I could wear with my white jeans, dark jeans, regular wash and skirts or dresses.
Having such a fuzzy brain meant I needed to ask for help.
So I did what I usually do when it comes to fashion I ask the daughters.
I did not want to disturb my DIL as she would be busy with her two children...
bedtime, books and baths.

I did text my daughter even though I knew she would be watching the hockey game.
She got right back to me.
Thanks J!

She decided the lighter wash was more versatile. 
I have to agree.
Not too "matchy matchy" even though double denim is not an offence with The Fashion Police this season.
(I've noticed that they rarely leave comments on my blog anymore...
maybe I'm not guilty of as many infractions as I used to be.)

I am thinking of pinning on a sparkly Sherman brooch.
The JCrew rhinestone necklace will work as will one of my Hermes scarves or pearls.
I am going to wear this a LOT!
Cannot wait for the parcel to arrive.

The highlight of my day was a lovely Thank You card and a gift from Jeannine.
You might remember that she was the winner of the most recent giveaway.

She made this rose patterned coaster especially for me.

Jeannine, I hope you don't mind me sharing this with the readers.
It is such a lovely gesture and it made me feel so good.
I will think of you whenever I use it.
Thank you.

It amazes me how many wonderful connections and friendships have come about through this little blog.

Four bloggers that I follow, all from California are meeting together for 4 days in Napa.
Can you imagine how much fun they are going to have?
Adrienne of Rich Life on a Budget organized the trip...
perhaps you'd like to drop in and see what the gals are up to!

Thank you for stopping by...
don't forget to wash your hands as the germs out there are particularly nasty right now.

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