Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life in the slow lane...

Retirement definitely has it's benefits...the bonus is that there is more free time.
Well maybe not "Free" time, perhaps earned time at a reduced rate!

Time to spend in leisure activities or prepping family dinners, actioning domestic chores and discovering walking routes in different areas of town. The freedom to choose how to spend one's day is so new to me. I like routines and have adopted a few but most of the time I am spontaneous...and my day unfolds gently.

I have not worn my watch for quite awhile...
maybe because the battery is dead!

Right now I've got my nose stuck into a good book and have been indulging in some rest and relaxation after a busy spree of entertaining and being entertained.

                      One of the meals that I make when a good read gets my attention is Hamburger Soup.
                               It practically makes itself in the pot and simmers for several hours.
     You can use any variation of vegetables and if you want to make it meatless just add more barley and tomatoes.
                                                       I use the recipe from The Best Of Bridge.

Hamburger Soup

On my walk I strolled into the nearby Flower Shop and spied this pretty little orchid.

I was smitten by the colour combination and so I treated myself.

So dainty...

and so are these!

DIL and I walked down to the shops and found a new pair of boots for Isla.
She has grown out of her red Hunter boots that we purchased last year so we planned to buy her another pair and she opted for pink.
I think they look adorable on her...
we walked home and though there were no puddles to splash in there were piles of leaves
and kicking them was a lot of fun!

Henry Brian slept the entire time, cozy in the stroller.
He is a pretty content little man and we adore him.
I never knew how much love would spill out of my heart spending time with my grandchildren.
It's my favourite thing to do these days.

Yet another "bonus" of retirement.

~ ~ ~

There has been quite a shift here in The Humble Bungalow.
 The blog is reflecting some of the changes
 as I am no longer in the workplace.
My day to day activities revolve around walking, reading, domestic pursuits, marketing, and preparing food.
Visits and outings with the grand children and Mother on most weekdays.
Evenings are usually spent quietly at home and when we do go out it is usually for dinner with friends.
We are taking a Power Squadron Radio Operator's Course so that we may "legally" use our boat radio.

Many options for volunteer work beckon, for now though I am content getting used to my new found freedom.

What are you involved with outside the home?


  1. You seem to be a very good retirer indeed!

  2. It sounds as though you're really enjoying the new lifestyle! Lovely orchid. It's those little pleasures...

  3. Nice post. I am retiring in the spring and look forward to many of those things you wrote about today. I had the day off today and didn't leave the house, by choice. I did some sorting of my 'junque' and ordinary housework. When I'm home I try to make a decent meal for us and this time of year I like to bake....and eat it :-( I LOVE the orchid....maybe someday.........

  4. Excellent new wellies! Your days sound lovely, it must be wonderful to have so many family members to share them with.

  5. Have you ever blogged about your boating trips? I'd love to see and hear about them. Learning how to use the radio "legally" sounds interesting! Do you only use it in emergencies? How long are your "average" boat trips (half day, whole day, few days)? How do you prepare/plan meals on the boat? How far do you go (do you go along the inner channel between Vancouver Island and the mainland? All very interesting to me!

    1. I have blooged about boating...if you scroll down to the tags section of my sidebar you can click on boats and Chris Crafts and see our former trips on the classic cruiser as well as a few more recent trips on our SeaRay.
      We usually cruise in the Southern Gulf Islands and the radio certificate is necessary so we do not get fined usuing the VHF radio! You use the radio to listen for marine weather, distress calls, and to establish contact with other boats.
      Meals used to be far more gourmet on our larger boat as I had a two burner stove, BBQ and a large fridge. Our new boat has one burner and a wee fridge and a BBQ so we are keeping mealtimes very simple now...I hope you enjoy reading about these in the blog archives.

  6. Oh, how I long for the time I'll be allowed to let the battery in my watch go dead ! Retirement sounds great when it is depicted by you !x

  7. I love how you just sort of "breezed" right into retirement. That's great! I think you're living it beautifully. I spent most of the first year just resting. I had worked for 36 years in a job that had mandatory overtime. Most of my days were 9-12 hours long and then I had to work many, many weekends and holidays. I was truly burned out. When I retired, I never looked back. I love doing what I want when I want to do it. I had given serious thought to volunteer work, but the fact is that I just don't want to do anything outside of the home that resembles work. Maybe I will feel differently down the road.

    1. Sounds like we are both happy and content with the slower have worked so long and such long hours and you certainly have earned and deserve a rest!

  8. I think I am a "good retirer" too! The first couple of years were involved with fixing up our little old house (very old!) and getting to know our new area. Then I slowly became part of our local historical society, help to put up exhibitions, caring for the clothing collection and other artifacts. I've loved it and I've kept the commitments to a level that allows me lots and lots of time to hike, garden, read and cook. You sound very happy, Hostess.

    1. Would you consider sending me a few pictures of your house? I love heritage and old homes.

  9. Everything is just lovely, Hostess. :)

  10. My retirement has been a delightful excursion. Don't you love that time with the grandchildren is unhurried and at your leisure? When I worked, trying to squeeze in time to visit with them, between work obligations and home responsibilities, was difficult. And since my retirement two years ago, we've added two more to the mix and there is still plenty of Nana to go around. I enjoy aerobics and Zumba classes, lessons in Spanish and guitar, partaking of the local Broadway Theater League and evenings having dinner with friends. We've traveled to Ireland and Cape Cod and visited Boston often. Life is good!

  11. Sounds like you have achieved a great balance!
    In two years I hope that I will have added a few classes or volunteer activities to my repertoire.

  12. Happy that you are enjoying life- and the pink boots are adorable!