Monday, November 12, 2012

What's in my hand bag....

Tish Jett had guest writer Marsi on her blog recently and she did a post on what was inside her Chanel quilted bag which i suspect might be the iconic 2.55.

Marsi suggested that we show what we carry around in our hand bags.
Not one to let the team down or walk away from a challenge I thought I'd show the contents of my bag.

My everyday bag in black leather by Tori Burch.

nail file
cuticle scissors
dental floss
car keys and house keys

 My IPhone is inside too but at the time of the picture it was being charged.

What's inside your bag?


  1. Your handbag is very nice! I have a black B. Mankowsky shoulder bag I got last year because I like the magnetic closure and do not have to fumble around with zippers. Inside mine you will find, wallet, all keys on a ring, pen and small notebook, recycle bag because everyone charges for plastic now, lipgloss, blot powder, nailfile, kleenex, hand sanitizer and gum. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

  2. I do not carry a bag believe it or not , a little change purse with my necessary cards and my keys are all I take with me . Donna

    1. I could seriously have an in service session as I still walk with my friends hand bag in hand! They tease me to this day.

  3. Great post . . . I will do a visual post of mine and here is the written.
    Small beaded bag/lips
    Sun glasses and reader glasses/bag.
    Small coupon bag
    Hand sanitizer
    Note pad
    Sea Bands
    Sugar Free Gum
    Leather gloves
    Car key
    Tape measure
    Shopping bags, folded in pouches

  4. No brand bag. Crumpled tissues, pen/pencil case , sunglasses, notebook, purse with money and credit cards, plastic bag (for emergencies), moist towelettes (2 packets), mobile phone (ancient), lint removing sheets (for dog hair), plastic sandwich bag(which contained a gift of orange cake,now just has crumbs) powder compact, comb and fragments of dead shopping lists and things to do( mostly not done).

    1. Brand bag here was found at the Gulf Island thrift shop! Serious bargain Sue.
      Clever you to have that lint remover...I must add that to my bag.
      In my car I have a survival kit and in our shed an earthquake kit.
      I hope we really never need to use them but they are there just in case.

  5. Always - wallet, coin purse, Filofax (lost without it!), small zip purse with tissues, lip balm, packet of Fisherman's Friends (throat lozenges), sunglasses(in bag) and house keys.

    I generally carry a largish bag, so I can stuff other bits and pieces in it. So other items it has seen today include a 500g tub of skin cream for our dog with allergies, packet of cheese for Beloved Spouse's lunches, folded up shopping bag and receipts from the vet. What a glamorous life I lead!

  6. Sanda from " Halcyon Days " had this very same post some time ago and I wrote what I carry along.
    But, since the subject is so " juicy ", I´ll rewrite my stuff once more.

    Wallet, cellphone, Moleskine weekly diary+pen, bag hook, a foldable " shopping " bag, 3 pieces of cosmetics, perfume, keys, a small brush, occasionally a foldable umbrella and my digi camera and NOW a tiny torch.
    If I make an occasional turn at the village, I take along only my purse.

    I lack the kleenex - always (;

    BTW, why the scissors, dental floss and tweezers ; )?

    1. The Dental floss often needed after dining out!
      The tweezers and scissors for emergency first aid which I am trained for through my work.

  7. A wallet (money and credit cards), my daily makeup case, Iphone, Ipod, with large noise canceling earphones, a small case with beautiful notes from my husband and my daughter, keys, often a book, a pen, reading glasses, sunglasses, a water bottle, and often loose papers of stuff (recipes, etc.) It weighs a ton!

    If we go out in the evening, I carry a small clutch, with just reading glasses, lipstick and cellphone.

  8. A little container of emergency cosmetics, wallet, cell phone, pen, tissues and a tablet. I don't carry much because generally I am not that far from home.

  9. I posted on Sanda's last week,I have enjoyed reading what other's carry in their handbags.Ida

  10. I have.....
    My wallet/clutch
    Small cosmetic bag with lipstick, gloss, tweezers, pencil and lucky rock
    Tide-to-Go pen (I am never without it. Especially when I have the grandkids)
    Hand-sanitizing wipes

  11. My small messenger bag has my sunglasses, wallet, keys, lip gloss, lotion, a mint, wintergreen altoids and a brush.