Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weight loss = Wrinkles and the high cost of keeping up appearances.

True confessions...
I have lost a few pounds and it shows on my face.
My clothes fit better and some have been given away because I swum in them.

Losing the weight shows up on my face....
wrinkles and crows feet have come~a~calling!

There's an older looking Hostess staring back at me in the mirror.
Wiser and more worldly.
Older looking on the outside, younger feeling on the inside.

bare faced no make up 
you can see some grey hair peeking through at my temples
(next week I am back at the hairdresser for colour)

I indulged and had my brows tinted at the spa.
There were too many grey hairs to cover up with brow powder
and my brows are thinning.
(aging graciously is still very much on my agenda)

I plan to keep up with the tinting
it's quick and easy and the results are very satisfying.

The older I get the more expensive it is to keep up my appearance.
Do you find this too?
I really have never considered myself a "high maintenance" kind of gal 
 that is until I hit 50 and now I am nudging 60!

Every 6 weeks it's a visit to the hairdresser for a cut and colour
every 4 weeks to the spa for the eyebrow tint
 occasional facials
(I do most of mine at home)
during sandal season, I get monthly pedicures.

I'm spending quite a bit.
I tell myself it's worth it.
Rationalizing things that are not so concrete is my way of reconciling the expense.
Mr. HB doesn't seem to mind
and is always cheering me on.
I feel better when I look decent.

Peg reminded us at our recent meet up
how important it is for her to be dressed up and look good.

Look Good Feel Good make up and beauty kits 
are distributed to the gals who are undergoing cancer treatment.
Volunteer estheticians and make up artists provide free makeovers 
and each patient receives a  box of free cosmetics and skin care items
worth over several hundred dollars.
What a fabulous program!

It says a lot about how our feelings of confidence and wellness
are wrapped up and entwined with how we perceive ourselves.
Projecting a look of health and happiness on the outside goes a long way to making one feel good on the inside.

Mother always says 
"Put your best face forward."

 on the other hand has only been to the spa once 
 my sister and I took her for a manicure recently.
Mother's hair came in quite white very quickly and it is stunning.
She did dye her hair when I was younger and once she went platinum
which sis and I still refer to as her Doris Day phase!

Mother's beauty regime is very simple.
She uses a blue rinse to keep her hair sparkling.
Washes with Pears soap and has done all her life 
follows up with a rich inexpensive face cream from the drugstore.
She has many lines and wrinkles and they look good on her.
She pencils in her brows and wears a bright pink lipstick, again from the drugstore
and mascara for special occasions.
Her regime works well and she looks great.

What do you do for yourself?
  Would you consider yourself high maintenance?
If you had to, for financial reasons, give up most of your beauty regimes
what would be your priorities?

Eating well
keeping calm
getting enough sleep
and hydrating with water
and having fresh flowers throughout my house are my other beauty habits.

What are yours?


  1. I am the lowest-maintenance woman I know. I don't think it makes any difference which products you use. If I buy an expensive cream or lipstick, it's more for the glamour of it than because I think it will change the way I look. And you're right, a healthy lifestyle is what makes women beautiful. I try to follow this principle but fail miserably though ! Great post !

    1. Have you ever heard of "Hope in a Jar" it's a cream that Sephora has on their shelves and I thought that about sums up our wishes for eternal beauty!

  2. Congratulations on your healthy weight progress. And I wear any of my wrinkles pretty happily. I think yours look great.

    1. Lisa you've got the right attitude and I love your hair colour...
      you always look fabulous.

  3. When I turned 50, I was staked a trail on the aging gracefully path. Five years later, I am a high-low maintenance person. I am trying to remain fit and trim, not buff, just fit, as in walking, a few arm exercises and a couple of crunches here and there. I may have to step up the regimen soon.

    I haven't died my hair in ten years, it's more gray in the front than the back of course. I keep it short with that studied, messed up look. Every three to four weeks I have someone wax my eyebrows and upper lip because I don't wear makeup and I can't see up close anymore to do it myself. This is good and bad, failing eyes mean I am always in soft-focus when I look in the mirror allow me to indulge in fooling myself that I am holding up well.

    I use drugstore moisturizing lotion, like Lubriderm, with sunscreen, all over, not as much as I should.

    Overall I have adopted the "it is what it is" attitude and thankfully my husband doesn't complain.

    1. Welcome Marlaina,
      I love those pixie messy cuts and think that a mix of grey or tinsel really looks like highlights.
      Not being able to see well has been a source of embarrassment for me...
      I need to get a stronger magnifying mirror.
      "it is what it is" is a good motto to live by.

  4. My priority is keeping the grey at bay, every 14 days for me! I don't buy expensive face creams or anything like that and wear lipstick about once a month, but the grey hair is still a no no for me.

    1. You do have lovely locks Tabitha so your regime is working well.
      How's your mom doing?

  5. "Eating well
    keeping calm
    getting enough sleep
    and hydrating with water
    and having fresh flowers throughout my house are my other beauty habits."

    I concur with your choice of Beauty Habits- all great.
    I would add buying a pedometer and wearing it every day.

    1. Are pedometers complicated? I have no smarts for techno gadgets!

  6. Color every 3 weeks for me.... soon it will be 2 I think! ahhh, the price of maintenance!

    1. I know what you mean...I could go more often but I am trying to keep the cost down.
      Love your Henry, he's a sweet looking fellow!

  7. I think looking your best is extremely important. although I am not a fashionista, I simply have few places to wear important clothes...I spend quite a bit of time on my skin: sunscreen, retin A, a good moisturizer and antioxyidant serums. I don't do facials because I really only think they help psychology. I do my own hair color because I can't stand to spend that much time at the salon and I would look horrible with grey hair! I get manicures and pedicures and spend a lot of time exercising. I never go out without make-up and I am much too vain to age gracefully.(-: I am one of those people who think that if all else fails (or should I say falls) and it is really important to you a good plastic surgeon is an option.

    1. I am not against plastic surgery if done well it can be such a tonic...
      you look great and your skin regime is certainly worth the effort and expense.

  8. Every 14-18 days for me to cover the gray. I've been tinting my eyebrows for years because they were too light, and are now too gray, but at least they're thick. I also spend quite a bit on my skin products, but also rarely have facials. Manicures and pedicures too. Aging gracefully is a complicated idea. I don't try to hide my age, but I do try to look what I consider my best, which will be 60 next month.

    1. Kathy I thought you were much younger!
      You have beautiful skin and a young attitude.
      Aging gracefully for me means not to try and look 30 again, or wear too much make up or wear clothes that are too trendy that a much younger woman would wear.
      I am not trying to recapture my youth I am trying to look the best I can for a woman of my age...

  9. Ths is what I do . . .
    Hair cut/color every 5-6 weeks.
    Manicure every other week.
    Pedicure every 6 weeks.
    Walk each day.
    Garden with the flowers and the yard daily.
    Pet and care for our Shorkie, named Snickers.
    Yoga sometimes, less in the past year.
    Water 6-8 glasses daily.
    Wash face/body with Ivory bar soap . . . for my entire life.
    Enjoy my husband, we laugh and take risks together.
    Spend time with dear friends.
    Read good books.
    Wear crisp white blouses with a bit of bling.
    Celebrate each of my seventy three years, wrinkles, dimples, all.
    Happy with myself alone or with others.
    Appreciate . . .


    1. Lynne,
      I like your list and realize that I could have added some of your ideas.

    2. I enjoy reading the comments . . . and your replies. This was such a great post. You are looking wonderful, less pounds is serving you beautifully. Like your style too!reat post for a gal who looks wonderful

    3. Sorry, I pushed publish and hadn't completed my sentence . . . You look wonderful and great style too!

  10. You look terrific. My hair is hi-lighted, every 3 months. I indulge in manicures/pedicures monthly. Massage monthly. I wear sunscreen and make up daily. I run/walk 3-5 miles daily.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you for stopping by Helen.
      Your new painting is gorgeous...
      congratulations on the best of show ribbon.

  11. Oof, I'd love it if I only had to get my roots done every six weeks--I'm in the salon about every three. However, I do my own brows and nails, so maybe that makes up for it.

    I hear you on the magical way extra weight pads the face out ... but we're better off without the extra pounds. (But ... if it were easier and cheaper to harvest the pudge off the areas we'd like slimmed down so that it could be injected into our faces, I wouldn't say no!)

  12. Poppy I need to go more often but am trying to keep expenses down...
    it's true about weight loss and the spots that slim down faster than others :-(

  13. I believe I splurge less now than earlier, in every possible way.
    My hairdresser is not expensive, do all the facials, etc., myself.
    However, I´d really need a massage every now and then, only have not taken action yet.

    It´s true, that weight loss shows on the face ( ;. and there is nothing to be done. Expect - you can fool yourself and the others, by focusing on your slimmer body by replacing the " sacks " with more tailored clothing and feel good in them : ).

    1. Mette your photo shows us that you are a vibrant and healthy woman.
      Your skin looks radiant and beautiful. A massage would be a nice treat after all your hard work in the stable. Perhaps now is the time to book one :-)

  14. congratulations on the weight loss, i know how hard you are working on that. i think you are looking fabulous!
    i believe diet, exercise and being happy with yourself are the keys to lasting beauty, inside and out. but you already know that! xo

    1. Thank you for those encouraging words Janet.
      I admire you and your commitment to healthy eating. That and your zest for life, it is infectious.
      Hope you are enjoying the weekend, it's warm and sunny here.

  15. The weight loss - such a gift to the rest of your life, from a health and well-being point of view.
    I've never coloured my hair. I like the soft way that it is going grey and have adjusted my wardrobe and what make-up I use to accommodate the change. A little blush, sometimes, eye-liner and lipstick always. I use Boots #7 night and day cream, religiously. Manicures? Rarely professionally done, but pedicures every 4-6 weeks and a facial every other month. I'd like to add a massage to that, but full time work only leaves so much time for such things!
    The best beauty regime? Looking at beautiful things, being kind, expressing gratitude and trying something new as often as possible!

    1. All great thoughts Pondside.
      I must try something new, It's pretty routine around here.
      Boots is from the UK if I am not mistaken, I have not seen it for sale in Canada.
      Do you import it?

  16. I could not give up my hairdresser! She is a genius and I have never had a bad cut. However, as much as I have enjoyed being a blond, I am sorry that I started it. If it weren't so hard to grow it out and the fact that I have no idea what type of gray is underneath, I would let it be natural. I used to be a makeup maven, but am getting rid of most of it and opting for a natural face. And I would never give up my yoga class. Those ladies and my practice are the support system of my life. Great post! I enjoy reading what kindred spirits do to stay looking good.

    1. I was lighter for awhile and my hairdresser started doing highlights as we slowly went back to my natural shade of brown. It's a long process but it is possible. Your hairdresser can certainly advice you better than I could!
      My big dilemma is going to be how to go grey gradually.
      I love the glow that I get after I have done a few downward dog poses :-))

  17. Yes, I found that too when I lost weight - where the heck did those wrinkles come from!?

    I love my regular haircuts. I also get my brows waxed and draw them in. A nice coral gloss on my lips, my SPF 15 Oil of Olay every day for the past 25 years has been invaluable. Happy lovely sunny weekend, Leslie! Thanks for the tip on the Fluevogs at MSC - I'm headed there today.

    1. Oh I hope they are your size!
      You look fabulous Sheila and I think your hair really suits you.
      Happy Shopping.

  18. You look terrific!
    My mother told me "at some point, it's your face or your backside" meaning...if you loose weight to suit your figure goals, your face will suffer.
    True for me.
    However...I believe our outer beauty is sustained by our inner dialogue.
    Of course it doesn't hurt to:
    *surround yourself with beauty
    *moisturize heavily
    *wear sunscreen everywhere on your body every day
    *wash your face with a really helps
    *get fresh air everyday
    *hydrate from the inside out with fresh water
    *eat organic
    *be kind, polite and look for the good in all situations

    Have a great day!

    1. What a practical and lovely list of musts. I am going to copy and share this with my friends.

  19. Well styled life-
    I love your list and your Mother was right!

  20. Dear Hostess, you may have some crows feet ('smile lines' sounds better though)but your skin looks fresh and clear.
    I am having the same problem with my hair - highlights need to be done more often than I can afford! For the rest, I use a Clarisonic a couple of times a week, hot cloth cleansing the rest of the time, use sunscreen religiously and get my eyebrows threaded - I find this last makes a huge difference. By the way, you can find Boots No. 7 skin care at Shoppers Drug Mart - the Protect and Perfect serum is marvellous.

  21. Hostess, what blue rinse does your Mother use? I have been trying purple shampoos but so far I haven't found much in the blue range.