Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spinning, the OOTD, and "chillin" with Chester...

Eating is oh so routine right now...
it's all salads and protein
rather predictable
but by gosh it's working.

The scale is encouraging me to continue...
My jeans are roomy, my girth is smaller, I breathe better, I walk faster.
Bottom line, I feel better.

The Bread Tin is empty
the spinner is spinning...

anything that can go into a salad is going into a salad
when salads are on the menu 2 of the 3 meals a day they need to be exciting
red carpet worthy
or else!

This COPCO spinner is ancient and still in tip top form....

I got rid of some clothes
a bag full
donated to The Hospice Thrift Shop.

Look at all those empty hangers!

Here's the rest of my closet...
I have a few more things in the OOSW
(out of season wardrobe)

pedestrian at best

Land's End tank top
Style & Co waterfall sweater
skinny jeans

Mee Too flats
I love the snaffles

Isn't Chester lovely in slumber?

I got some kitten love after Chester had eaten his dinner,
he played for a few hours then he was exhausted.

Doesn't he look like the epitome of relaxed?
I am wearing kitten friendly clothes
Symplii black tank top
Style and Co. dark denim jeans
bare feet!
(Peru-B-Ruby OPI toes)

 I am loving that belly!
I don't know about you but giving a home to a homeless cat feels good to me.


  1. When you tire of salads there's always the wok...

  2. Love seeing Chester and Pepper! How is Pepper taking to the new little interloper? He is darling!! And, yes, how nice to give a wonderful little kitten a good, safe and loving home.

    1. We have been minimizing their direct exposure on the advice of the cat experts...
      Pepper is very curious but has hissed and growled. She has also eaten the kitten's food when we had our backs turned and is sniffing everywhere that Chester has been. We have been giving Pepper more attention than we usually do and she seems happy.

  3. Chester is adorable! Makes me want to get a kitten - but I know the husband won't agree so I will live vicariously through you.

    I am so pleased to hear you're feeling so fantastic these days! Good for you.
    xo, A

    1. I have a long way to go but I am heading in the right direction...
      you've got a few dogs already and they are your canine family.

      I'll get my doggie fix through your blog pets so I say that makes us even!

  4. Good on you!
    Last year I was diagnosed with diabetes. I have had to change my eating habits, too. The welcome results are in a rather empty closet. It is fun trying on clothes my daughter left behind when she moved to her own place - and having them FIT!!!
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Oh you are way ahead of me...
      I'd never fit into my daughter's jeans!

  5. Glad your new "regime" is working for you! Chester is a real cutie. How are he and Pepper getting along? Is her nose out of joint with a new feline in the house?

    1. Things are progressing nicely as we have done our research and are following the routine that the cat experts have recommended. Pepper is getting more attention that usual so she must feel good and the kitten is being tended to so I hope it all works out well.

  6. Well done, they always say the 1st week of a diet is the worse.

    Those hangers are just waiting for some new clothes! Ida

  7. Congratulations on your new healthy diet. Doesn't it feel good to let go of those clothes and do something nice for someone else? Well done.

  8. Can you hear me applauding? This is so good. I'm headed to San Francisco, I will take a break (everything in moderation, right?) from watching every bite. Salads are my favorite summer food anyway. I still can't give up my wine thought. Heres to you!

    1. SF is one of our favourite places. Have a fabulous time!
      Moderation yes and on holiday splurge!

  9. i eat salads twice a day too. but i love my bread!

    glad to hear you are getting the results your are after. so satisfying.
    chester is Adorable!!

  10. I am so pleased for you that your new way of eating is working. It is hard work, but some of us have to do it! Every time you say no to Darby Carby food then you are strengthening your will power, just like exercising a muscle. Yay for you!

  11. Lisa is right, the wok is next. Hot salads. As I've mentioned many times, I'm not a huge cat lover but there's something about Pepper, and now Chester that makes me melt. I think they're "Tabby" cats, is that right? In any case, they have my favorite markings and couldn't be more adorable.

    1. Kathy, you might be a cat lover after all!
      Tabby cats and BTW our Chester has been rescued from CALIFORNIA!
      Cat's Cradle Animal Rescue brought up quite a few kittens recently.

      Oh I know I need to fire up my wok...
      will look for some healthy to share any with me?

    2. I don't really do anything special. Just cook some protein, usually chicken or salmon cut into chunks marinated with a little sesame oil, soy sauce, some other seasoning and cook that and set aside. Then a variety of vegetables, but I love bean sprouts and they make it seem like there are noodles in it, so I always put those in too. Everything except the bean sprouts chopped in chunks, and when the vegetables are done, I throw the protein back in and heat it all up for a minute or so.

      Evidently I'm a Tabby cat lover for sure.

    3. Thanks Kathy I'll give your stir fry a test drive!

  12. Keep up the salad eating! You are a star!

    1. Like Lisa and Kathy suggested I think I am going to fire up the wok and make some hot salads...

  13. Chester is just the cutest!! I can tell by the pictures that even though he is new to your home, he is very well loved.


  14. We treat our animals well as they are our family :-))

  15. Are you on a special diet or what?
    I feel really bad, if you have left bread, read rye bread away from your diet (;
    We need to eat bread = wholegrain rye bread! Because it is healthy.
    And about salads; I´ve eaten them for ages, and have never had enough. It takes time to change eating habits, just give it time.
    I´m happy to hear that you are losing weight. As you know, losing it is not as difficult than keeping it on a certain level permanently.

    1. I am on the road to wellness...shedding a few pounds and getting healthy.
      It's much easier when one has a kitten in their arms :-))

  16. It feels good to be lighter - stuff and weight. Am going through this myself. Hooray for your shedding!

  17. Barb,
    It's a major shift for it for you too?

  18. Salsa and baked tortilla chips are a nice treat. You would be surprised how many you are allowed, versus the oily kind. (can you have popcorn?) Oh dear I could never forsake all carbs.

  19. I LOVE your blog - such beautiful photos, an adorable little rescue kitty (bless you for opening your home) and healthy eating inspiration.

    Definitely following you, looking forward to more posts!

    xo Georgina

  20. Georgina
    Welcome! I love it when new people drop by and visit.
    Hope that you will enjoy your time here.