Sunday, June 17, 2012

OOTD and Isla's 2nd birthday party.

Isla has turned two!
We were thrilled to join family and friends and share in the celebrations.
Isla looked so adorable in her dress and wore a flower in her hair.
This year she knew how to open the gifts and she seemed quite delighted with the cards.

She got lots of fun things to play with, books and super cute clothes to wear.
The big gift was a slide which has stairs, a platform at the top, and a wheel to turn
she seems quite smitten with it and has spent lots of time playing on it.

She's wearing the sparkly Toms!
you'll have to trust me she's absolutely gorgeous.

what a sweetheart she is...

Look at the cupcakes made by our clever DIL
(delicious and yes I enjoyed my first taste of sugar in many many weeks)
She's so creative
the theme and decorations were beautiful
she seriously could be a party planner.

I shopped my closet and wore some tried and true pieces.

Black Symplii dress
with Hue tights
"the scarf that ties itself"
Sofft sandals


anyway you throw this on 
it looks good

I'm really not a waitress...



My closet is looking rather bare, there are more hangers than clothes...
I did some online shopping at Land's End
the summer wedding is in 3 weeks 
 I have only black which is not a popular colour for matrimonial celebrations
so I have taken a HUGE leap into the purple foray that is known as grape
a silk slip of a dress
which I honestly hope will work
it's in transit...
if it does not work I'll send it back and shop Seattle in a couple of weeks.

Mother and I will be there for 4 days
to shop, dine
see the sights and hit the heights
(Space Needle!)
Mayflower Park will be our home away from home
we do love this hotel...
they remember us and Mother is the same age as the hotel!

The service is impeccable
the bar
the cocktails fine.

I cannot wait to see the new location of the Nordstrom Rack 
which BTW is right next to the hotel in Westlake Center.

Today was Father's Day
I thought about our departed dads...
both gone in the same year
so fast
and they have left a large void in their wake...

If my father was here today I most certainly would have spent some time in his company
we observed holidays
but got together for no reason 
just because...

I miss you Dad
and I know Mother is so very lonely since you have gone.

I am trying to be a good daughter
and make you proud
Mom is comfortable and has been provided for with your prudent and wise investments
and we are doing our best to keep her company.
Thinking of you in love today Dad
and I honour your memory.

Feeling immense gratitude for my family....

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."
~ ~ ~
William Arthur Ward

Hug your family often
they may not always be around...


  1. A very sweet and sentimental post! You are is so important.

    The cupcakes are darling and still loving those sparkly Toms.

  2. Your OOTD looks fabulous. And I love that scarf! The cupcakes look right out of a magazine, so clever. Isla looks SO cute in her flower and sparkly Toms. It looks like it was a wonderful day. We were both missing our Fathers yesterday, both deceased for a few years now.

  3. What a loving family post,your red haired Isla is a darling girl.

    Your thoughts on looking after Mum for your father brought a lump to my throat,he would be so proud of you....thank you for sharing your lovely day with us.
    What does 'I am not a waitress' refer to,note you have mentioned this before? Ida

  4. I'm really not a waitress is the shade of OPI polish on my toes!

    1. Whoops,bit slow on the uptake!! Thanks for explaining. Ida

  5. Happy Birthday to Isla! And those cupcakes are adorable. I love your neck decor too:).

  6. Your wee Isla looks to be adorable from any angle!
    Do you know, you've inspired me? I hope that my svelte-project will be as rewarding as yours. A trip to Seattle would be a great incentive!

  7. Such a sweet party for Isla - her little feet look darling in those sparkly shoes.

    I just love that scarf!

  8. I love the shoes on both Isla and you!
    A happy delated birthday greeting to her and you all.
    What a lovely way to spend a weekend: )!

  9. Happy Birthday to Isla. The Toms look great on her! Very artistic cupcakes.

  10. Looks like the hostess donned some fancy silver shoes as well. We're slowly making our way up the Pacific Coast so the recommendation for Seattle hotel was timely. Love the hooters cupcakes and sentiments of family.

    1. I hope you enjoy the Mayflower Park, it is a heritage hotel with amazing staff who do a fabulous job of making us feel welcome and the location is perfect for shopping! Go to Oliver's and have a cocktail when you are there...try the Oliverita or a French 75 are both are very tasty. Please let me know what you think...

  11. Glad the party was fun! Great outfits, both of you!

  12. Such wonderful sentiments, thanks for sharing!

  13. I love the first shot of Isla. What a special weekend and lovely comments about your Dads. My Dad passed away in March and yesterday was sad but on the other hand we had a great family weekend so I count myself blessed.

  14. Keeping your mother company is such a generous gift, and of such comfort to widowed women. While no one can replace a partner, the companionship of a child who knew and loved him means so much.