Saturday, December 3, 2011

Joy is in the air as Hermes has a new home.

Hermes scarf update...

Lovely daughter in law, mother of the adorable Miss Isla is the new owner of the Hermes scarf !
I have given my daughter one
so it seemed natural to ask Natalie and she said she would not like it,
she would LOVE it!

All wrapped up and ready for delivery.

Joy is utter bliss and can be found in the wee things
all you have to do is look for them
they are the simplest of pleasures that make our days rich and full.

a smile from a stranger passing you on the street
a hug from a loved one
a cheeky wink from your husband when you least expect it
a found penny
the sun as it shines in through your window
a phone call from a friend that you haven't heard from in a long time
hot water and scented soap
a freshly brewed pot of coffee
your cozy robe and warm slippers on a cold morning
purring and content, a pussycat snuggling and curled up beside you
perhaps it's a great book.

Whatever it is that brings you JOY
embrace it in all it's forms
savour and bask in those moments.

Life is a series of events that form and shape you into who you are...
and you can always find ways of making the everyday more special.

 "attitude of gratitude" is my mantra...

Pepper turning her back on the camera
beside our kitchen tree...

the kitchen tree 
at the home of our son and daughter in law

one of my favourite serving pieces...

Carb friendly
and all dressed up and ready for a party...

 I gave myself a quick manicure
and tried to do something festive with my hair
my face is looking rather tired after a busy week so I will be used a light hand with my makeup

I wore some brighter lip gloss
the Christmas limited edition shade from Chanel.

I look a bit flushed
my glasses are pinching my nose
you can see the marks
 you get the idea 
 a natural face with the brighter lip shade...

Wishing all you fabulous readers a wonderful JOY infused weekend.


  1. I´m so happy that things turned out the way they did. All´s well, that ends well!!!
    You look radiant in the picture. No signs of tiredness.
    Happy Second Advent Leslie!

  2. I second look radiant Leslie...I am very jealous!!

    Jeanne xx

  3. Oh I'm glad it's staying in the family, maybe Isla will wear it one day.

  4. All's well that end's well. Very glad it's staying in the family. Oh my, I just read Mette's comment and see that we wrote the same. Not surprised actually, so I'm going to let it stand.

  5. Your lipstick looks great with your beautiful eyes.

  6. I love your list of life's little pleasures - a great reminder to be grateful for the wonderful "little things". You look so lovely with your fresh face and rosy lips!

  7. I'm so glad you decided to keep the scarf in the family -- this was my first impulse suggestion, but I stayed quiet, as the blog contest/giveaway was also a lovely (and generous!) idea.
    I was recently chatting with a Sales Assistant who works across the street from Hermès in Vanc'r . . . he was wearing a small H scarf around his neck, a legacy from his mom, and he told me a lovely story about distributing her 16 (!) scarves among his nieces -- to whom he gave a basic Hermès 101. Wonderful to think Miss Isla may someday be sporting this colourful piece.

  8. Hostess,

    Attitude is gratitude is right. I've given myself an attitude adjustment and am enjoying the Christmas season more than any other year. Your new lip gloss is very pretty on you - bright but not bright if you know what I mean.

  9. What a lovely post. Taking time to reflect and enjoy the every day joys is one of the best ways to celebrate this season.

    I'm so happy your daughter-in-law wanted the scarf. She will treasure it.

  10. What a beautiful post!
    If everyone thought this way all would be well with the world!

  11. I'm breathing a sigh of relief, so glad the beautiful scarf stays with a loved one.

  12. Please Hostess, I just left the comment about the beautiful scarf as anonymous because I don't know what the URL is. I'm a new computer user. Jan

  13. This is a beautiful outcome for the scarf Hostess and I'm sure your DIL will cherish it.
    Take care. Oh and I like the lipstick.

  14. What a lovely give-away. My joy this weekend is having my power restored...after 4 days without electricity, lights, heat, no internet, phone, or TV, it is a so nice to return to normal.

  15. La Vie Quotidienne- My sister has been at her Palm Springs home and had to leave because of the windy weather...she mentioned that they grounded the planes at LAX !

  16. Perfect! I'll bet your daughter-in-law is thrilled. Oh, and I like the lip gloss!