Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is Sea Buckthorn the new fountain of youth?

I have been reading lightly lately.
There are many distractions and I am not able to focus on a novel right at the moment.
So I have been perusing magazines...

Town and Country has a very interesting article on Sea Buckthorn!
My issue arrived in the mail today, several days after I bought the Sea Buckthorn Salve...

It is being hailed as a holy fruit and is being touted as the newest Superfood.

It is showing promise as an age reverser for older skin too.

The article is written by Lawrence Osborne.

"I promise you I can make a 50 year old woman look like 30 year old. 
I can make the whole world look like a teenager"
Nico Khanna

who is an
ayurvedic practitioner
regular user of Sea Buckthorn
age 69

My first impression of Sea Buckthorn salve 
is that it works
and it works quite quickly.

My cheeks and forehead have settled down and are no longer pink
and it's only been a few days.
I have been using this product morning and night.
It is very rich, a little goes a long way.

I wonder if it will affect the texture of my skin over time.

One of my favourite magazines from the UK.
Chock full of great ideas and wonderful images
vintage ornaments and antique furnishings
in beautiful settings.

Christmas cards and letters are arriving in the post.
Catching up on friends and family over a mug of hot tea puts a smile on my face.

Mr. HB and I sat and watched one of our favourite Christmas movies ever.
If you have not seen it I would suggest that you get your hands on a copy 
sit back and be prepared to get in the holiday spirit.

Over the dusty granite countertops you can see that the Paper Whites are growing tall.
That dust is from our reno...
we have a very talented dry waller on the job and he is working wonders downstairs.

Pepper and I are staying well out of the way
there's really not much we can do to help.

cleaning and dusting
will be on the back burner until the work has been completed
if you know how this process works there are several sandings required between the muddings
so it is really pointless to clean after each step.

Sending you all wishes for a relaxing day
I think I'll go now and write my name on the countertop!


  1. I'm glad to hear the salve is working for you!

    Love Actually is on my list of Christmas movies to watch.

  2. Thanks for the tip on that great looking magazine from the UK. I think I would really enjoy that. Also, great reminder about "Love Actually." Have a great weekend!

  3. Glad the reno is proceeding apace, and I hope you love the completed project. I'll have to look into that sea buckthorn salve. Might be handy for winter chapped skin.

  4. Wonder if you can buy it over here it might work on my rash which appears to be spreading (sob).

    Is your renovation going to be finished by Christmas? I remember with horror when the wood floor boards were sanded the amount of dust was every where,still the outcome is worth it.Ida

  5. ida- It is very soothing and you can order it online if you cannot find any locally. The renovation will not be finished by Christmas but the gyproc will be finished. Alas there is still wainscotting, in floor heating, tile flooring and painting to be done. It will be many more weeks of work and nothing will happen over the holidays.

  6. Hostess, I have been using Sibu skincare for a few weeks and am really liking it. Has anyone told me I look 20 years younger? Not yet. But maybe now that I have added green tea to my diet and my face (putting it directly on it), I will look 25 by next Wednesday. ~~Bliss

  7. I will have to look for some of that cream!

    One of the pieces of music from Love Actually is 'our song' so I always enjoy watching that movie!

  8. Looks as if you're really into the spirit of the season -- lovely!

  9. Loved Love Actually!
    The salve sounds like something to try - it it is good for sensitive skin it would be good for all types.
    That dust - I can think of lots of uses for it - writing 'to do' lists, love notes to Mr HHH, spying on where your kitty has been, grocery lists or just doodling!

  10. Putting Sea Buckthorn on my list!

    I have never seen Love Actually, actually.

    Will have to watch it soon.

    xo, A

  11. May have to see if I can get Love Actually from the library - a nice light romance would be just the thing.

    Like Pondside's idea of checking what Pepper has been up to in the house.

  12. Anonymous- I used the Sop Vac tonight after the dry waller was here and before the family arrived...I will ask Mr. HB to change the furnace filters.

  13. No cream on earth will make 50 look 30 but what galls me more than this silly claim is Khanna's preying on women's insecurity, I love "Love Actually" too- especially Emma Thompson.

  14. My Town and Country arrived eralier this week and I have not even cracked it open...but I'm off to read that article about Sea Buckthorn now...where have I been...have not even heard of it.

    I have not seen Love Actually, but I see it on so many bloggers list of favorite movies. I saw that it's playing at a theater near here on Wednesday evenings through December. Maybe I'll just order it from Netflix.

    Your paper whites look beautiful!

  15. My T&C is waiting on my office desk to be read, and I'm looking forward to the sea buckthorn article!

    Love Actually is our favorite Christmas movie. We've seen it every year since we first saw it in theaters (2003??). I love it!! We never cease to burst out laughing during the opening credits with Bill Nighy.