Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life in the slow lane...

Thanks for stopping by...
things are moving slow around here
(post Fun Day)

I am experimenting with a reduction in speed
 embracing life in the slow lane 
and am trying to convince myself that there is no need to rush about.
(which is what I usually do!)

Stopping to take the time to notice

Crystals have been getting more playtime than the pearls

I wore these crystals the other day...
lovely daughter that you met last week
made them for me when she was in high school!

I wonder if there is any truth that crystals bring energy
and healing...
I am a wee bit skeptical but there's no harm in trying!

I wore these to Fun Day at School
Bandolino sandals
Style My Way capri's
Press top

my new hat 
 and a pashmina for my shoulders 
so they would not burn

No need for any extras
as the top has enough going on!

A sunny day outdoors on the fields with teams and all sorts of races, games, and even a dunk tank.
Teachers and administrators got soaked with donations going to charity!
Hot dogs were cooked on a truck tailgate BBQ
we made 900 hot dogs!
(they were scooped up as fast as we could make them)

Life in the Slow Lane might not be as exciting
but right now it's working for me!
What's happening in your life?


  1. well I'm not making 900 hot dogs! Just actioning some mothering and watching tv and baking a cake xxx

  2. Whatever you are doing, it's working. I thought the photo was your daughter! Then I realised it's you!

  3. Looking spectacular, in both clothing/accessories, and your beautiful skin! You give thpse David Austin blooms something to compete against, I do say. The slow life definitely has many advantages, and I highly recommend it, as much as you can. Regular life interferes too often and places enough pressures on us, so opting out of the frazzled hurry hurriedness is the new underground!!

  4. Enjoy your quieter day, Hostess and looking lovely too. Gorgeous sandals! XX

  5. Oh, I'd love a few slow days, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards right now. Love the ruffles on you!

  6. I really like the ruffles on your top and the crystals are so pretty. My older daughters school had a field day at school yesterday that I helped at. They had lots of games, a dunk tank and cotton candy. I think it's a fun way to wrap up the school year.

  7. Hello:
    You positively deserve at least a day if not a week in the 'slow lane' after such a hectic time at school. Things do always seem to speed up towards the end of a term and we are sure that you will be looking forward to a relaxing summer break.

  8. Lovely! I am also experiencing a stage of life that requires a slow-down. My three older children are out of the nest or off having travel adventures this summer. I'm at home with our 7 and 2 yr olds -- it's like starting over ( though I have same husband, same marriage, just a spread out family). Need to remind myself to stop and smell the roses, and do all the little things with these littles that I did the first time around.

  9. The reduction of speed ( using your own words ), is certainly what you need right now. Relax. This day will pass without needing you do a thing :)

  10. In my life? well, finally, we're going to get to PNP -- you know the place I mean! After 37 years of marriage, we're finally getting to the place we'd originally intended for our honeymoon. I know you love the spot, and I'm so looking forward to lunch there. Your ruffles are lovely!

  11. I'm Scottish so I'm a big bit skeptical but they look good!

    I'm back from London and don't want to go anywhere ever again, I'm exhausted and just want to nest till Christmas.

  12. Have no choice in the matter I have hayfever,& feel very low and I am a horrid cross patch so for the last few days have slobbed about!!

    You look very glam especially the photo with the rose,great skin no lines what ever you are doing it is working.Ida

  13. You look lovely! Is our hair darker now, or just the photo's lighting? The colour is so rich and lustrous.

  14. Sounds--and looks--great to me! Enjoy!

  15. Enjoy life in the slow lane hostess.. you look beautiful in your pictures! xo

  16. Your comments are like a breath of fresh air and I am feeling very nurtured by your words.
    Thank you!

    mater-I hope that you enjoyed that magical spot!

    Duchesse- Yes my hair is my natural shade with a tinge of red...there's a lot of grey tinsel but not enough to go grey all over yet.

    Must go now and post today's entry...

  17. Ah the slow lane. I'm right there with you, though it has taken awhile to adjust. You look lovely.