Saturday, November 20, 2010

Domestic Diva...

I have a new helper in the Bungalow and she is a Domestic Diva.
One would not recognize her talent at first but believe me she is very handy around here.
Can you guess who she might be?
Pepper Bungalow Princess Pussycat...
Oh and the best part....I do not pay her,
she works for food lodging and love...

Pepper caught in the act
folding laundry

Pepper laying down on the job
she might be flattening out that napkin
so I won't need to iron it...
what am I saying
 I don't iron these everday napkins!

it's pretty exhausting work

Pepper having a wee break

Pepper's all in...
I guess the Hostess will need to finish the job
and if I want to get Mr. HB's socks I'll have to tickle her tummy first.

Hope that your weekend has some time set aside for some fun.


  1. Well Pepper is definately enjoying her new home. The unconditional love of a pet is special.
    Our little dog stretches out on her tummy and back too. She is another princess that leads a charmed life!

  2. Hi,

    Isn't it funny how the minute you lay down something made out of fabric that a cat immediately wants to cuddle up on it. Pepper is definately enjoying her status as top cat.(-:

  3. Pepper is such a darling!!

    I have a feline helper when I change the sheets on my bed. Something about playing 'find the cat under the sheet' is irresistable to one of my cats.

  4. I've said it before but I will say it again.. she is just TOO ADORABLE... and just look at her gorgeous spotted leopard tummy too. Too sweet for words. x

  5. I join SE ´s comment. Pepper is really too,too adorable. Will you ever have the heart to leave her alone!

  6. She is SO CUTE!!! And it looks as though she's quite settled in.

  7. I think everyone will agree; your Pepper is one beautiful cat!

  8. Pepper is quite the focus of my attention these days, she follows me around looking for opportunities to play...and I must confess she has kept me home more than usual!

  9. Pepper is so cute. I just love her. She's growing fast too! You must be feeding her well, which I bet she just loves.

  10. I am not a 'cat' person, but that Pepper looks like one spirited, lovable and lively cat!

  11. It looks like you and she have so much fun. A household is enriched with a pet. I love the last photo with her beautiful dotty tummy.