Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning Frenzy Humble Bungalow Style

I am taking a break from the busy crazy frenzy that I have worked myself into yesterday and is as if the universe screamed "clean me"
So far I have wiped out the buffet, china cupboard and built-ins, and generally sorted out the dining room. I have rearranged, put away and have filled 4 donation bags so far!

I feel energized by this process, it is very theraputic.
I am a serious woman when the mood strikes, I need to act on it, and cleaning is a mood which has a habit of trickling in and then quickly trickling back out! I get distracted easily... the distractions usually involve, shopping or getting together with friends.
I discovered to my delight that the lily of the valley is blooming!
I was taking some things out to my car and just happened to see peeking out from the dense foliage some cheery creamy baubles dangling from the stems!
 Delicate, dainty and fragrant.
Something to trumpet about...

A thrift shop find this elephant said "buy me" and I did
....this image is a bit blurry

this one is better

Sweetness of spring
frilly little bonnets of white

The Christmas Cactus is blooming!

and the sweet peas are planted.

I need to get back in action or this mood will pass.


  1. Loving the table w/o the cloth! Love those baskets too. Get back to work now!!!


    I'm working in the compost bins and came in for a quick lunch! Gotta go too.

  2. It must feel great to have things clean. Ready for the summer, too. Add me in as a fan of your table in its native state.

  3. You took the tablecloth away! Just like that! A beautiful table was hidden under the cloth. Good for you! We too have lots of wood on the walls and ceilings. It was there before us, so I have adjusted to it. I see you have your glassware in the cupboards. I have used as much clear glass as possible. My occasional tables ( nice to have them around ) are thick clear glass. Your spring is way ahead us, lily of the valleys are common here too. You are on the right route. xo

  4. I love your Craftsman decor! And those lilies-of-the-valley are gorgeous.

    My cleaning is done in fits and starts, and our house is WAY overdue for some of the top-to-bottom-move-the-furniture kind. Good for you!

  5. Your lily of the valley is beautiful and your house is gleaming - how satisfying to fill all those donation bags too! x

  6. Thank you all for the positive feedback on the baring of the table...Mr.HB is happy! I took all the donations to the charity shop and came away empty handed...but very satisfied, tired and content....a good days work.
    The sweet scent of the lily of the valley are wafting...sweet dreams all!

  7. Wow! Metscan was right about the cloth. Must try to get into the Finnish mindset to simplify/beautify my house.

    My husband grew up in a Craftsman house in Pasadena (sadly, no interior detailing remained).

  8. frugal scholar-no details in the Pasadena bungalow! Wow I 've been to Bungalow Heaven and the homes are staggeringly beautiful... I refer to it as my Pasadena Pilgrimage!
    Yes the disappearing cloth trick has us all gobsmacked at the showcasing of the wood!

  9. The universe works in mysterious ways,and I have to thank you for including a picture of your, Lily Of The Valley.
    It made me go outside to see if ours were also in bloom (they're not), and I was astounded to see our cat, Trouble (and he is), in the back garden.
    I had just finished reading about Stickley, and asking if he was an indoor cat, and what might attribute to his long life.

    I didn't even know he got out of the house! It must have happened when the pizza delivery boy came.

    If you had not written this post, I wouldn't have gone outside. I might not have noticed Trouble was out, until hours from now! It's getting cold tonight, and I've already lost two cats,plus various barn cats to coyotes.
    I couldn't bare to lose another.

    Who knows, what is merely coincidence, and what is destiny?
    Whatever it is, Thank You, Hostess!


  10. Duchess of H- What a huge relief that your cat is safe, if I had any part in this, I am glad to be of help. How serendipitous that you went out to see the lily of the valley...and found Trouble...coyotes, wow...if you had a dog would they stay away?
    Oh my...this is really giving me goosebumps!

  11. Leslie, we have always had barn dogs (Border Collies), and the coyotes still come around. at night.
    They have bred with dogs, and are now mainly a mix, known as coydogs, and are not as wary of humans.
    We do have a pretty aggressive, Black Russian Terrier; but she's our family dog, and stays indoor. We try to keep Trouble inside; but he's fast, and sometimes we don't see him slip out.

    Have a good weekend!


  12. Coydogs! never heard of them, I am such a city girl!...they sound dangerous...if they run in packs they are probably very strong and intimidating.
    Terriers are tough too but no match for a pack...border collies always seem so caring and nurturung to me, they do not seem aggressive enough to take on those coyotes or coydogs...
    Are the coyotes hungry? What do they eat? I have seen them in the parks of Vancouver in broad daylight and have heard that they hang around when small children are playing.